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Wings of Desire Announce New EP, Share New Song ‘OUTTAMYMIND’

Wings of Desire have announced a new benefit EP, Shut Up & Listen. Following last year’s Life Is Infinite, the collection will arrive on August 30. All proceeds will go to the Long Table, a community project in their native Stroud that offers pay-what-you-can meals to its customers and is under threat of eviction. Listen to the new single ‘OUTTAMYMIND’ below.

In a statement, James Taylor and Chloe Little shared:

Grassroots organisations that serve the community are more important than ever, and new models of social enterprise that nurture the health, community and spiritual wellbeing of the most marginalised must be preserved at all costs.

The Long Table is the beating heart of our local community in Stroud, they run a radical social project with a pay what you can system that serves around 40,000 hot meals a year. It’s about dignity, equality, and everyone helping their neighbours in need. Earlier this year their home Brimscombe Mill was sold from beneath them and it is now at risk of being turned into warehouse space for the new owner.

The Shut Up & Listen EP grew out of our need to preserve this sacred space and support our unique local community, which is the closest thing we have to a new earth. We have put together a limited edition cassette tape and all proceeds will go to The Long Table in helping them fight their impending eviction.

We will follow their lead and offer a pay what you can system to ensure that just like basic human necessities are not gate kept, that creativity should be accessible to all.

Discussing the new single, they added: “‘OUTTAMYMIND’ is inspired by the concept of reincarnation, parallel lives and the Mandela effect. If these concepts are true then I wonder how many lives we have lived and who we have been. What have we experienced before? Or are we just repeating the same life over and over again until we’ve pulled off the ‘perfect life’. A life where we have annihilated all unhealthy and foolish desires, a life where we have inflicted as little pain on ourselves, others, and the planet. Or maybe reincarnation allows us to experience the full spectrum of life through many guises. If that is the case then perhaps we should live fearlessly and in a constant state of wonder.”

Shut Up & Listen Cover Artwork:

Shut Up & Listen Tracklist:

1. Shut Up And Listen!
2. Forgive & Forget
3. Some Old Place I Used To Know

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