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Adrianne Lenker Shares New Mega Bog–Directed Video for ‘Evol’

Adrianne Lenker has shared the music video for ‘Evol’, a track from her latest album Bright Future. It’s directed by Erin Birgy of Mega Bog. Watch it below.

The video is “a portrait of a wandered person, unrooted and questioning the realities of connection,” according to Birgy. “Their curiosity leads through landscapes and the people invested from them. This figure is on the verge of outgrowing stoic individualism encouraged by colonialism that fights to deny [the] interconnectedness of egoless place and being.”

“The film plays with magical realism to give symbol to alien, and often haunting, shifts of perception while finding one’s role in a meaningful community/ecosystem that was ever present, and often overlooked or habitually dismissed in western thought,” Birgy added. “We had an amazing team of desert rats, farmers, artists, horses, and aliens to make this film. It was so special to collaborate with Adrianne & some of my closest friends in this extra-musical storytelling project.”

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