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Hollywood Entertainment News (HEN) TV show brings you the best of Hollywood fun fact gossip. Positive fun information about the stars and stars of the Golden era. You will also experience positive messages and delightful interviews with some of the most positive people in the world. Hollywood Entertainment News TV Show is hosted by (KO) Kadrolsha Ona Carole. Smart, talented & witty.

Learn more about KO by visiting her website: www.queenoftheparanormal.com




HEN 7. Michael HipHop Artist Blackwell. Good Deed During The Pandemic.


HEN 6. Demi Moore’s Gift.


HEN 5. Christina Applegate’s Educates Us About Breast Cancer.


HEN 4. Jim Carrey and His Better You Foundation.


HEN 3. The B Strong Team. Helping others.


HEN 2. Who is Jerome Lester Horwitz? And what did he love?


HEN 1. Brief. Celebrity Dreams will Amaze you.

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