Reports Ryan Reynolds Is Returning For ‘Just Friends 2’

In 2005, Ryan Reynolds starred in a comedy called Just Friends. Though it was a mostly harmless, it scored a soft 42% on Rotten Tomatoes, with many agreeing that it just wasn’t very funny and oftentimes, plain stupid. The movie brought in about $51 million worldwide. Over the years, Just Friends has turned into something of a cult favorite, especially as Reynolds’ profile has skyrocketed thanks to the Deadpool movies. We’ve just received word that a sequel is in development, with the Canadian actor set to return and reprise his role.

At least, that’s according to sources who broke news about National Treasure 3Scream 5 and Aladdin 2 were all in development well before they were officially announced. And though there’s no word yet on which other cast members might be back, or who’s being eyed to direct/write, we can at least confirm that it’s in the works and being developed with Reynolds on board.

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