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ES News PR and Hollywood Entertainment New (HEN) are recognized both nationally and internationally. ES News PR is a woman-owned company. HEN is a company Led by Kadrolsha Ona Carole (KO).KO works in conjunction with World Star PR and The C.A.S.S. marketing firm. World Star PR is one of the leading Award Winning Celebrity Public Relations firms in the world.

ES News PR has over 20 yrs in business and HEN utilizes the digital marketplace to place PR in the right categories for the best exposure for your needs. Top-rated wire services along with online newspapers to NewBreak to get the word out.

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Contact:  email for pricing

World Star PR is an AWARD WINNING PR FIRM that has been handling and coordinating publicity, promotions, & marketing in all areas of the entertainment industry – television, radio, motion pictures, theatre, music, dance, publishing, concert tours, and special events on local and international levels for 8 years. With offices in New York, Los Angeles, and the UK, the agency can serve all public relations needs with a personal approach which we feel is the most effective method of achieving desired results in this highly competitive field.

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The C.A.S.S. Firm has over 15 + years of experience in the market, C.A.S.S. Firm is a boutique, minority veteran-owned full-service digital media firm headquartered in Metro Atlanta, with a global footprint, we have the data and relationships to prove it. Among other areas, C.A.S.S. specializes in programmatic advertising and marketing technology, media buying-selling-planning, SaaS, content distribution, strategic partnerships (public, private, no-profit), business development, branding, digital signage, customized turnkey solutions, public relations, penetration testing, network- web-mobile apps vulnerability, cyber security framework development, and publisher network ad operations.

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