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Aboriginal Australians Have DNA From An Unknown Species

While we are all human, some of us might have certain attributes that have yet to be identified. In particular, Aboriginal Australians have been discovered to carry DNA from an unknown species. It is unknown yet what this exactly is. However, it isn’t human per say. 

Many scientists have conducted theories about the origin of where people came from. Everything taught in school may not be entirely accurate after all. The general consensus is, people left Africa somewhere between 40,000 and 100,000 year ago. 

Even to this day, there isn’t much that both geneticists and other scientists have understood. These moments in history were quite crucial in how the world was shaped yet it seems as more research has been made, more questions have remained unanswered.

Aboriginal Australians unknown DNA

A number of researchers from Harvard Medical School published their findings back in 2016, after numerous studies and found that human genomes from around the world may not all be connected in regards to the Aboriginal people. They may be descendants from another human-like race upon the Earth. 

This unknown species, might be another version of humans at some level or another. Are they of alien origin? This is debatable but nothing has been proven yet. Many think that people are actually the creation of an alien race or that God created all. It is perplexing to think just how and why humans exist. Perhaps even, there is another mirror planet like Earth out there only different in some ways from what we know.

Mallick Swapan a lead from Harvard said the following, “Our main goal is to understand how our race came to the point where it is today, and for that, we must first study the DNA of ancient tribes.” He along with others said they have actively been investigating the origins of the human genome. This team of people have conducted genetic data from 142 different human populations around the world and studied different aspects of them.

Swapan also said that from this study, they found that the Australian Aboriginal genetic code does demonstrate that they carry DNA markers from an ancient unidentified branch of humanity. At first it was believed that The Aboriginal ancestors likely intersected with an ancient species known as Denisovans. However, this was proven to be incorrect. 

Further analysis has led to the discovery that an entirely new form of ancient human species existed. When and where is still not known either. The indigenous peoples of Australia are descendants of the first people who arrived on the continent from Africa about 50,000 years ago.

Theories about where the aborigines came from and how they were isolated for thousands of years may not be entirely accurate either. Scientists assumed that their genetic code would be homogeneous yet this was not accurate either. Some think aliens already walk among us and this might be further evidence about this.

(Source: Soul Ask)

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