‘Death of Rose’ Receives New Trailer; Will Be Published by Bloober Team’s Feardemic

Artur Łączkowski is back with another trailer for his reworked Death of Rose, which as you might recall, underwent some changes. Not only that, but Artur has teamed up with Feardemic to publish the game.

For those curious, according to the announcement posted on the game’s Steam page, Feardemic is the publishing branch of Bloober Team (of which Artur is a part of). Therefore, it was the “natural option” to choose them for publishing Death of Rose.

Artur elaborated, saying that “Feardemic will provide me support in the publication of the game but will have no impact whatsoever on the creative direction of Death of Rose, and no ownership over the IP – this means that I will keep developing Death of Rose as I wish, and the same goes to any future sequel.”

No word yet on when Death of Rose will be released, although the trailer states that it will be in 2020.

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