The Boys Reveal Exactly How Gross It Was to Film Inside That Fake Whale

Season 2 of The Boys certainly has some outlandish moments headed your way. In the first trailer for the upcoming September 4 release on Amazon Prime Video, fans saw a giant whale get rammed by a boat. In a new clip for the show, we see the “fun” doesn’t end there with the now dead whale, and it was apparently pretty rough to film for the cast.

During the CTAM Summer Press Tour, the cast of the show discussed the upcoming season, while giving everyone a sneak peek at what’s in store for The Boys and The Seven. And it involves a lot of whale guts, as you can see in the NSFW clip below.

TV Guide asked during the panel about what it was like to deal with all those whale guts and fake blood, and of course, it was a bit gross. Laz Alonso, who plays Mother’s Milk, jumped right in while the rest of the cast giggled to themselves. “When Eric Kripke and the 1st AD that was in charge of that episode broke the whale storyline to us, we were all standing in a hallway in front of these storyboards,” Alonso recalled. “And he explained how cool it was, and how I’m going to drive through the whale, and we’re actually going to be on the water, shooting this ourselves, no stunt guys, helicopter shots, all this stuff. No green screen, this was going to be us. A 50-foot animatronic whale on the beach that we’re going to run into. So without asking, the 1st AD volunteers that they even have air conditioning built inside the whale, so that when we’re inside the whale, we’re nice and cool.”

Showrunner Eric Kripke chimed in to say he had no recollection of the conversation, as Alonso continued: “We get to the whale; it’s 90 degrees outside, and 120 degrees inside the whale, and I just asked, ‘Where’s the AC? When are you guys gonna turn the AC on?'”

Apparently, the air conditioning never made it to the set, and Karl Urban, who plays Billy Butcher, also recounted that moment. “I looked over at Laz, and he’s progressively getting more and more agitated, the sweat’s starting to form, and he’s like, ‘Can we get some AC here in the whale!’ Only here on this show would you hear something as bananas as that. The blood, of course, was attracting all sorts of insects.”

“Jack [Quaid, who plays Hughie Campbell] and I would get stuck to the whale guts,” Alonso continued. “When we were in there shooting our scene, at the end of the scene, we would have to get up and walk out of the whale, and there were a couple of takes where we would try to get up, but our bodies, literally our skin, were stuck to the whale because the sugar-coated red stuff would dry up during the scene.”

Their pain is apparently for the fan’s pleasure as you’ll be able to see Season 2 of the hit Amazon Prime series when it drops on September 4.

(This article originally ran on, TV Guide’s sister site)

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