The Avett Brothers’ ‘I Go to My Heart’ Makes a Promise [WATCH]

The Avett Brothers look inward, and make a promise of everlasting love, in their new song “I Go to My Heart.” Readers can hear the track, released on Friday (Aug. 7), above.

In “I Go to My Heart,” from the Avetts’ forthcoming The Third Gleam, Scott and Seth Avett find that, when you strip everything away, your heart will always lead you to what’s right. “I will follow you / I promise I have changed / I’ve been gone for years, I know / But I am back for good to show / That I will never stray from you like that again,” they profess in the chorus.

The Third Gleam is due out on Aug. 28. Recorded before both the novel coronavirus pandemic and conversations around racism and inequality in the United States began, the eight-song project nonetheless expresses emotions and themes that remain timely.

“The songs were not informed specifically by the urgent and pivotal concepts which are now center stage; however, as these factors have been and will remain a part of us as a whole, independent of a specific moment in history, the songs of this particular piece do connect somehow to this particular time,” the Avetts share. ”Isolation, resilience, frustration, confusion, contemplation and hope are here, both in regards to our own lives and as a consideration of the human experience in general.

“There is humor and love, both for life itself and as it binds a pairing of people,” they add. “We touch on historical prejudice, faith, economic disparity, gun violence, incarceration, redemption and, as is increasingly standard with our records, stark mortality.”

Scott and Seth Avett recorded The Third Gleam as a trio with longtime bassist Bob Crawford. It’s the third project in the Avetts’ The Gleam series and follows the Avett Brothers’ Closer Than Together, their 10th studio album, released in October. Previously, the brothers shared “Victory,” another song from the project.

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