Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Is the Most Immature Character in Salem?

Allie flipped out about Sami’s interference in her baby’s adoption and took that anger out on Will and Sonny. Eve tried to program Ben to kill Ciara, Gabi used Jake to gain control of Dimera, and Sarah and Xander had a night of romance in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Kayla from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate who was most immature, Eve’s plot for revenge, Sarah and Xander’s reconciliation, and more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Should Allie still allow Will and Sonny to adopt her son?

Kayla: I think it’s entirely her decision, and as hard as it may be, I think that she should still allow Will and Sonny to adopt the baby, so it stays in the family.

But given what the circumstances, I get why she might have her reservations.

Jack: Whether or not Will told Allie that Sami had spoken to Rafe has nothing to do with her child’s best interests. I’m disappointed that Allie is being so flaky and jumping from one person to another.

That said, Will and Sonny are proving to not have the maturity to be great parents and the fact that they were going to get a dog they didn’t want or think they would be able to take care of just to keep Ari happy is a red flag as far as adopting Allie’s baby.

Christine: Yes! Will and Sonny aren’t perfect, but they are good parents who will adore that little boy.

That Allie keeps trying to convince Rafe to adopt her son is a bit disconcerting. An adoptive parent should not have to be convinced, they should want it with all their heart, and it’s clear that is not how Rafe feels.

Was Sonny right to be furious with Will for not sharing what Sami had done?

Kayla: No, I don’t think he had any right, Yes, he may be married to Will, but family is important to both the Hortons and Bradys, and as Will is a mixture of the two. I think Will just wanted to do the right thing by his mum.

Even though Sami doesn’t always think about the things she does, he still loves her and wants to support her.

Besides, it’s not like Sonny hasn’t done things and kept them from Will. What I can’t fathom is how Sonny can forgive Victor and Xander so quickly for taking a year of Will’s and his marriage away?

Jack: Yes, and no. He and Will agreed to not keep secrets a long time ago. And this was a major one, which also contributed to them losing the adoption. But Sonny is also playing the same blame game as Sami and running away and refusing to talk to Will over this was immature and ridiculous.

Christine: Sami and Allie have both put Will in a horrible position. Allie didn’t want him to tell their mother about her pregnancy. Sami didn’t want Will to tell Allie she’d talked to Rafe. Will was a bystander to both and really did nothing wrong.

Sonny reacted badly. He wouldn’t even let Will explain his side of things, he just took a tantrum and stormed off. Then he tries to blame Ari’s supposed distress on Will when the only thing Ari wants to adopt is a puppy. Will felt bad enough, the guilt trip was unnecessary and childish.

Is Eve trying to make Ben kill Ciara by using drugs and torture a thrilling story, or depressing and disconcerting?

Kayla: If I’m going to be entirely honest, it is depressing, yet thrilling even though I fast-forwarded these scenes as I don’t really care for Eve, never have, let alone this storyline.

The only good things about it are we’ve gotten Shawn and Claire scenes, Chloe is back, and Ben is shirtless.

Jack: This is an awful story, over-the-top graphic, disrespectful to Paige’s memory, and destroys Eve’s character. Plus, Ben was right that killing Ciara hurts a lot of other people for no reason.

Eve should not want anyone else to be murdered after losing Paige that way. And why doesn’t she just lobby Rolf to resurrect Paige instead?

Christine: This story is horrible and a waste of good actors. The torture scenes were unwatchable other than Eve’s fabulous wardrobe and Ben going shirtless.

If Eve wanted revenge for Paige’s death, she could frame Ben for murder and have him sent back to prison. She could work to destroy everyone’s trust in him and make even Ciara doubt him. That’s a plot worthy of Eve.

Pushing him to kill Ciara would destroy Hope, Julie, Doug, Victor, and a myriad of other innocent people. Eve is perpetually wounded and frequently lashes out, but this plot makes no sense, even for her.

Sarah and Xander reconciled. Was it too soon?

Kayla: I think it was way, way too soon. Sarah needs more time to grieve the loss of Mickey, and I think she needs to work on herself for awhile.

Jack: Not too soon to reconcile, but I hate the rush to the bedroom. Why can’t people ever take it slow instead of jumping into bed the second they stop hating each other?

Christine: It felt like Sarah went from hating Xander to completely forgiving him in the span of the week. I would have appreciated a few more dates or nice moments before they jumped back into bed.

That said, Sarah is generally unlikeable when sheisn’t paired with Xander, so I’m thrilled they’re back together because they really are one of the most fun couples in Salem. 

Gabi tried to use Jake to push Chad out of Dimera Enterprise. What would you like to see with this story?

Kayla: Truthfully, I would love to see this storyline play out for many reasons, one being that the chemistry between Camila and Brandon (Gabi and Jake/Stefan) is off the charts.

Jack: I’d like to see it disappear. I don’t care who the CEO of Dimera is, and Jake is saddled with two idiots fighting for his heart. I’d love for Jake to just say screw it, go back to his garage, and tell both Gabi and Gwen to go away.

Christine: I really don’t care about Dimera, but if we’re stuck with this story, I’d love to see Gabi and Gwen team up to take the company from Chad. That could be a lot more fun than the two women fighting over Jake.

Who is currently the most immature character in Salem?

Kayla: Well, in Salem, it has to be Sonny. I mean, the way he was sulking over the whole Will and Sami situation was pretty childish.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like Sonny as a character, just not when he is being immature. If in New York counts. I have to say Eve because the way she is now is so annoying. Mind you, she has always been annoying.

Jack: That’s a tough one. For months, Gabi has been incredibly immature, but now, Allie is giving her a run for her money.

Nobody involved in this whole baby mess except maybe Eric and Nicole are at all mature, and Sonny is near the top of the immature list with the way he reacted to learning that Will kept Sami’s secret.

Allie’s unnamed infant is more mature than some of these adults. Sheesh.

Christine: I’d say it’s a tie between Allie and Sonny. Sonny’s reaction to Will knowing that Sami had talked to Rafe was childish, bordering on mean.

Allie keeps shopping her baby around like it’s a used car she’s trying to sell. She’s thinking more about what she wants than what her baby needs, which is wildly disappointing.

What were your favorite or least favorite moments of the week?

Kayla: I have had many favorite moments for the week. It’s no secret that I am a massive fan, and they are what brought me to Days, so I have to say when Lucas and Sami saw the grandson together for the first time was the favorite.

Jack: I loved Steve and Kayla’s romantic scenes and Jennifer showing up to surprise Jack. I also liked all the people who tried to talk some sense into Sami, especially Eric and Belle.

Least favorites were the CEO drama nonsense, everything having to do with Eve tormenting Ben, and everyone finding someone to scream at and blame for Allie deciding not to let Will and Sonny adopt her baby.

Christine: My favorite was Xander and Sarah reconciling. Although I don’t love Sarah on her own, these two are an adorably fun couple with brilliant chemistry. And Xander thanking Jack for being his mate and helping him plan his big date was also very sweet.

Added bonus, Eli and Lani finding out they are having twins! This has the potential to be a very happy, heartfelt story, and I hope the show plays it that way.

Least favorite was everything to do with Ben and Eve. The only upside was when the torture finally ended, and they all got off my screen.

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