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Fashion Designers To Follow On Instagram: Jesse Kamm, Alexandra Spencer and Réalisation Par, First Rite Clothing

In the world of Instagram, it can be so easy to get caught up in what’s trending, what’s the most popular, and what’s the most loved. In the world of fashion, big names like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Saint Laurent, are almost always at the forefront of fashion headlines. However, more than just a place for trends to live, social media is also home to millions of budding artists, creators, and independent fashion designers you may not have discovered yet.

Being an independent designer comes with wearing different hats. They don’t always have a large production team behind them. Many times, they’re the ones handling their brand, posting on social media, drawing designs, and sewing their pieces together. Suppose constant fashion and undying inspiration is what you’re looking for when you’re online. If continuous fashion and eternal inspiration is what you’re looking for when you’re online, these independent fashion designers have just as much colour, flair, and style to offer as any high-fashion designer out there.

Jesse Kamm (@jessekamm)

Fashion designer, Jesse Kamm, originally from rural Illinois moved to Los Angeles, California to bring her vision for a 70’s boho, beach-inspired, sustainably made, clothing line to life – and so she did. After taking one sewing class, Kamm realized she could be the one in charge of making her ideas a reality. “One of the greatest gifts in my life has been the ability to trust my instincts,” she says of her work. Sharing everything from newest designs, latest photoshoots, editorial features, and even the photos that inspire her work, anyone looking for boho inspiration wouldn’t want to skip out on following Jesse Kamm.

Alexandra Spencer and Réalisation Par (@realisationpar)

A name you may have heard of but not know a lot about is Alexandra Spencer, and this is because she allows her creativity and brand – Réalisation Par – to be bigger than herself. At 18, she was already designing her own styles and soon after joined Vogue Australia’s editorial team. After modelling for some time, however, Spencer realized her desire to create was calling her to make a move. She founded clothing brand Réalisation Par in 2015 and is now one of the most beloved brands for both casual street-style and bold formal wear.

First Rite Clothing by Nikki Garcia (@firstriteclothing)

From San Francisco, CA, designer Nikki Garcia came up with the idea to make simple shapes and colours timeless, and First Rite Clothing was soon born in 2015. Taking inspiration from different corners of the world, embracing nature, and a love for the outdoors, First Rite is a fashion brand that’s all about making your clothing worth your time. With a goal for pieces to last from season to season, Garcia mixes simple looks with challenging textures to bring solid colours to life. First Rite also loves sharing where their fashion travels to in the world, creating an online “journal” and collaborating with other creatives to show the different environments their models and clothing can thrive in.

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