Christine Quinn’s Wardrobe Is the Star of Selling Sunset Season 3

There are a few indisputable facts about season 3 of Netflix’s Selling Sunset: Justin Hartley did Chrishell Stause dirty, Davina Potratz is even worse this time around, and Christine Quinn’s wardrobe is, without a doubt, the star of the show. 

The Netflix reality series first premiered in March 2019 and it didn’t take long for Quinn to be crowned the show’s villain. In many ways, the villain edit is justified. Calling one of her friends “a fucking idiot” is just the tip of the iceberg. But she’s proved to be a little bit more complicated than that. She says questionable things but has enough humility to apologize. At times, she invites sympathy and at other times, table-flipping rage. She elicits eye-rolls, but also laughter, at her quippy one-liners. But the most consistent thing about Quinn is her wardrobe. The self-described “gothic Barbie” loves fashion and it shows. Her hairstyles change as frequently as her collection of rotating designer handbags (of which she has plenty). OTT glam is second nature to her and she’s admittedly always been a little extra. She enters any room outfit first, in staggeringly tall Christian Louboutins and a Cruella de Vil confidence.  

What’s most interesting about Quinn is that there’s no pretense behind her elaborate ensembles, and she readily acknowledges that a lot of work goes into planning them. “Depending on what scene we’re shooting, I want to make sure that it looks good aesthetically,” she told Page Six Style in an interview last year. Her transparency is refreshing in an age of staged paparazzi shots where celebrities “casually” step out for errands pretending their outfit hasn’t been carefully curated by their stylist. Quinn on the other hand, doesn’t just own her deliberately decked out aesthetic, she also happens to style herself and professes to splashing out on hair and makeup. 

Season three of Selling Sunset, which arrived on Netflix on August 7, is peak fashion for Quinn, where she does the absolute most with ponytails, power suits, and a brief fling with neon green. Without further ado, here are Quinn’s greatest hits. 

A teal suit for “Burgers and Botox” 

christine quinn outfits: teal suit

(Photo: Netflix Canada)

Quinn loves a good tailored suit. In episode two, the agent-turned-reality star decides to throw a “Burgers and Botox”-themed party at a $5 million dollar property in L.A. and wears a teal power suit to convince her co-listing agent why it’s absolutely a great idea. She pairs the punchy co-ord with crimson red heels and matching bag.

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Christine’s lime green Joker moment

christine quinn outfits: lime green

(Photo: Netflix Canada)

This is the season that Quinn tries to make lime green happen. She strolls into the Oppenheim Group’s Sunset Strip office rocking slime green like nobody’s business. Even when Heather cracks “You look like the Joker” she calmly responds, “Thank you. I feel like it all the time.” Questionable colour? Yes. Respect? Also yes. 

Just a casual butterfly ponytail

christine quinn outfits: pink suit

(Photo: Netflix Canada)

In episode two, Quinn visits a $75 million dollar listing with Davina in a Schiaparelli-esque pink and red outfit extravaganza consisting of a Bianca and Bridgett dress with a blazer draped over top, a Louis Vuitton bag and strappy skyscraper heels. Even more memorable is her hair runway-worthy hair: a bubble ponytail accessorized with full-size butterflies. 

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Aaaaaand the longest ponytail ever recorded 

christine quinn outfits: very long ponytail

(Photo: Netflix Canada)

The Oppenheim Group co-owner Brett throws a house party in episode three in his splashy Bachelor pad. Quinn saunters in with a jaw-droppingly long ponytail sashaying behind her. “Honestly, I’ll get a migraine if I keep it on for more than four hours,” she tells Heather because beauty is pain. She’s also rocking a giant single palm leaf earring but you hardly notice because, ponytail.

Also, this tweet:

Stressed in head to toe Balenciaga

christine quinn outfits: all balenciaga

(Photo: Netflix Canada)

The platinum blonde real estate agent has never shied away from a logo. Case in point: in episode seven, she sports an oversized Balenciaga sweater with the brand’s block lettered logo, matching beanie and a fuzzy pink backpack for a team dinner. She arrives late to the restaurant after locating her dog, Teddy, who had run away. “I could get another husband, but not another dog,” she jokes (maybe). 

Rainbow fun fur for a casual coffee 

christine quinn outfits: rainbow fur coat

(Photo: Netflix Canada)

Quinn’s superpower is being able to wear a rainbow-coloured fur jacket with casual confidence. She wears the multi-coloured coat for a lunch date with Mary, along with a floppy hat, giant gold LV hoops and black sunnies. Subtlety? Quinn doesn’t know her.

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When the bride wore black

christine quinn outfits: black wedding dress

(Photo: Netflix Canada)

Arriving via horse and carriage for her winter wonderland wedding to tech millionaire Christian Richard, Quinn wears a custom Galia Lahav gown with beadwork by Natalya Valentine and glittering red Louboutins (with soles signed by the designer himself, FYI). The off-the-shoulder gown featured hand-embroidered roses, shimmering tulle and as per Quinn’s request, a veil that took up the length of the aisle.

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