Bookish Accessories for Virtual Teaching

In “these unprecedented times,” education looks a bit different than what we’ve grown used to. Many K–12 and university students won’t be returning to physical classrooms this fall. Teachers (present company included) have to adapt to this so-called new normal.

Whether you’re an experienced online educator or a virtual newbie, we’re all looking for ways to keep students engaged, build relationships, and make this whole thing less stressful. What better way to start that process than to express your bookish personality?

Try some of these bookish accessories for virtual teaching. May the odds be ever in your favor, teacher friends!

Bookish Accessories for Virtual Teaching

If you’re teaching now, you are a superhero. Unmask yourself with this personalized wooden bookmark.

This simple book will help young students and students with special needs to understand expectations for virtual learning.

Are you even virtual teaching if you don’t play around with zoom backgrounds? Finally get the library of your dreams with this library pack background.

Use the force and grab this Star Wars themed Zoom background. This seller also has other bookish accessories for virtual teaching, like this iron throne background.

Liven things up with this comic book style Zoom background.

Use this Bitmoji backdrop when you’re teaching the story of those impetuous star-crossed lovers.

Show your love virtually with this fun T-shirt.

Let’s be clear: we’re done with pants in 2020. Work in comfort with these bookshelf leggings.

You have to stay charged up, so you might as well daydream about Darcy while you do. Try not to let this Pride and Prejudice docking station distract you too much.

Virtual teaching may be a new challenge, but you’ve got this. Let your laptop proclaim your competence with this punny Shakespeare laptop sleeve.

Keep your mouse moving smoothly with this vintage library card mousepad.

Stay alert with these literary tea bags.

You need a mug for your tea, so it might as well match your new T-shirt.

Or you could match your mug to your not-pants if you prefer.

Keep your desk pristine while you’re drinking your tea with these fabulous vintage library ticket coasters.

Let’s be honest. Teaching is exhausting even in the best of circumstances. Use this glass to help you “wine down” with a good book when your day is done.

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