Exclusive Interview with Teen Powerhouse Singer Camryn Quinlan

Rising star Camryn Quinlan’s talent shines through in everything she does whether it’s creating her own original music or performing as a member of Acapop! KIDS. The young singer-songwriter was born and raised in New York with a love of music and dreams of taking her talents on-stage. At just 13-years old, Camryn has already proven the immeasurable power and depth of her vocal abilities. Her powerhouse vocals can be compared to that of a young Ariana Grande or Katy Perry. She was even recognized by Glamour Magazine and Zhavia Ward for covering her song.

Camryn wrote and released her first original single “Better Days” at just 10-years old to bring awareness to teen suicide prevention. All proceeds for the song go towards The Muse Within, a local youth music non-profit organization. She followed this heartwarming track with the release of her uplifting single “With You” – which was quick to gain traction across streaming platforms. Her next release, “Monters,” showcased her powerhouse vocals, while the accompanying music video displayed her creative storytelling abilities. Camryn’s latest single “Ain’t No Second Chance” takes it a step further showing off her vocal versatility and overall proving that she is a dynamic force to be reckoned with.

Last year, Camryn was selected to be part of Warner Records’ youth acapella group Acapop! KIDS, created by the founding members of PentatonixCurrently comprised of 25 talented young performers from across the nation, the group delivers acapella versions of current and classic hits. Camryn can be seen as the leading vocalist for recent Acapop! KIDS releases such as: “The Other Side” by Justin Timberlake and SZA, “Breathin” by Ariana Grande, “Without Me” by Halsey. In addition to singing, Camryn also writes her own music and plays the ukulele, guitar, piano and drums. Outside of Acapop! KIDS, Camryn can be found performing for local charity organizations and using her ever-expanding platform to advocate for Mental Health education and awareness for all ages.

Hi Camryn and welcome to OLC! It’s a pleasure to have you here. How are you coping with the current Covid-19 times, and what does a typical day look like for you?

Hi ! Thank you for having me. I am doing good. A typical day would be writing/singing a lot of music, going swimming or going on my trampoline, talking to my friends, and hanging out with my family.

Let’s talk about your journey with Acapop! KIDS, how did this opportunity come about?

I started ACAPOP! KIDS when my mom saw an online audition. I love the Pentatonix so I thought I should try it because Scott Hoying was one of the main producers of the group.

How did your passion for music develop? And who inspired you as a kid to want to be a performer?

I have always had a passion for music ever since I could talk. My favorite singers growing up were Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, and Katy Perry. I wanted to be like them!

As a young singer and actress, is it hard to juggle your career with being a normal teen?

Most of the time I can manage time to be able to sing and keep working, but still see my friends and do schoolwork and other things.

What do your friends think of you being a rising star, and do they help keep you grounded?

My friends are really supportive of my career and my songs and I love being around them because nothing changes.

Let’s talk about your latest single “Ain’t No Second Chance”. You do a lot of your own songwriting, what inspires you most to write a song, and what inspired this song in particular?

My songwriting is mostly just inspired by my every day life and what goes on around me. Ain’t No Second Chance was just inspired by some events in my life.

You play a lot of instruments, what’s your favourite instrument to play and does this help you create your songs?

My favorite instrument to play would definitely be the piano because it is my main source of writing a song for instrumental parts and chords.

If you had a chance to work with any artist in the world who would you choose and why?

I would definitely work with Ariana Grande because she is an incredible artist and a great songwriter and everything about her is just amazing.

Is there anything you’d like to achieve in your career that you haven’t already?

I would like to have a completed album released for my next goal.

How important is Social Media in your career? And do you ever respond to your fans when they leave you messages or comments?

Social media is a great way to share music so it is very important in my career. I do respond to friends when they leave messages or comments because it’s sweet to know that people actually enjoy my music.

What does the rest of 2020 hold for you?

The rest of 2020 hopefully holds new songs coming out, and hopefully a full album of released songs soon! I can’t wait to get back to performing live again.

Acapop! KIDS:

THE OTHER SIDE by Justin Timberlake and SZA (Acapop! Minis)

BREATHIN by Ariana Grande (Official Music Video)

WITHOUT ME by Halsey (Official Music Video)


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