Remedy Reveals 15 Minutes of New “AWE” DLC For ‘Control’, New Details

If you’re hungry to actually see Control‘s upcoming DLC AWE in action (which we know Alan Wake fans are definitely wanting), Remedy Entertainment have delivered the goods recently in a Twitch stream, showing off 15 minutes of gameplay footage. We also finally have some news as to how the expansion further ties into the Alan Wake universe.

As we already know, AWE stands for Altered World Event, the reality-breaking events that form the fictional foundation of Control. This results in different realities being accessible from within Control, including Alan Wake‘s. It turns out that Alan Wake himself has been missing for ten years (and yes, Alan Wake was released back in 2010), and has spent the past decade trapped in “The Dark Place.” But, at least he’s been keeping busy.

“Alan Wake is writing again, and you’ll be finding pages of his writing,” Remedy creative director Sam Lake said during the stream. “The story he’s creating is affecting reality here. You can experience the full pages through the hotline menu in the game.”

The expansion will add an estimated 4-5 hours of gameplay to the base game, and along with the main story will feature new jobs from Ahti, the janitor at the Bureau. There will a new enemy, the Airborne Ranger, and a new light-based mechanic that is basically an homage to the similar mechanic found in Alan Wake.

AWE is set to come out on August 27, which is also when Control Ultimate Edition hits Steam.

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