‘Unhinged’: Russell Crowe Channels Stephen King’s ‘Maximum Overdrive’ Trailer for New Promo Video

Remember that classic Maximum Overdrive trailer that was presented by a wild-eyed Stephen King, insisting that he was going to “scare the hell out of you” with his directorial debut? The memorable trailer featured King talking to the camera alongside clips from the movie, and it’s hard not to think of that ’80s glory when watching the latest promo for Unhinged.

Star Russell Crowe taps into a similar energy for the teaser debuted by Solstice Studios over the weekend, delivering a bizarre speech that’s appropriately, well, Unhinged.

Check it out below. You’ll find Unhinged only in theaters this weekend.

Unhinged takes an ordinary, everyday incident to its most terrifying conclusion in telling the story of Rachel (Caren Pistorius), a mother who leans on her horn at the wrong time, to the wrong guy (Crowe). Road rage doesn’t begin to describe what he is about to do to her and everyone she knows.

Gabriel Bateman (Child’s Play) and Jimmi Simpson also star.

The film is directed by Derrick Borte (American Dreamer), written by Carl Ellsworth (Disturbia, Red Eye) and produced by Lisa Ellzey (Warrior, Kingdom of Heaven).

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