Lucifer Season 5 Episode 2 Review: Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!

Lucifer has returned to LA.

Or has he?

In Lucifer Season 5 Episode 2, Lucifer comes back to LA, but he’s not exactly the same.

For one, why does he walk lopsided like he has a broken back?

This FauxLucifer that returns is met with a number of suspicions.

That is, except with Ella. 

Ella: Wait, wait, wait. Lucifer’s back? Like, seriously back?
Chloe: Uh-huh, yeah.
Ella: Huh. Full bars, battery’s charged, but no texts or messages. Awesome.

Ella has really been put out that Lucifer just up and left and never said goodbye to her. Then he just shows up at Judy Mason’s murder scene like it’s no big deal. So obviously, she has to make her anger known.

That anger is very short-lived, though, after he apologizes and says he had to go to Florida for family business. Ella is so sweet, she couldn’t stay mad.

Chloe, though, found this interaction very strange. 

Chloe: You just lied to her.
FauxLucifer: Uh, no. You did. I just kept up the rouse.
Chloe: You never lie.

Lucifer prides himself on his honor and never lying. Yet, he lied to Ella so easily. Detective Decker picked up on this immediately.

Let’s call this Clue #1.

Chloe is obviously a little stressed and confused by this new Lucifer, so she goes to see our trusty celestial therapist.

Lying aside, Chloe is worried about a little bit more than slight personality changes in Lucifer. 

Chloe: It’s probably nothing, but Lucifer’s acting… different.
Linda: Different, how?
Chloe: Uh, I don’t know. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I told him I loved him right before he left, and he didn’t exactly say it back.

Before Lucifer left for hell, she told him she loved him. He all but said it back, instead saying, “It was you, Chloe. It was always you.” Sure that was a big deal, since they were talking about his first love and he never usually says Chloe’s name. But sometimes, a girl just needs to hear the words.

This gives us a little peak into what Chloe has been going through over the past few months. She loves and misses Lucifer. She’s mostly sure of their bond. However, there’s a small part of her that worries her love is not reciprocated.

Linda finds the lying thing a little strange, but hey. The man just got back from hell. Maybe he needs to get reacclimated to life on Earth. 

Chloe tries to help him with that when they interrogate suspects in the murder (hello Sharon Osbourne!).

This task fails, though. Lucifer doesn’t ask anyone their desires. Dirty jokes are set up, but he doesn’t bite. Chloe finds his flask and the man says “it’s not even noon.”

Don’t you want to do something impulsive, inappropriate, sinful?


Clue #2: Since when does Lucifer turn down a dirty joke or drink?

When the two go to question others at the Mars project about Mason’s death, Sam tells them it’s difficult to be isolated from those you love for so long. This causes some introspection on Chloe’s part and FauxLucifer picks up on it and tries to set her at ease.

Detective, I could tell the questions you were asking certainly weren’t just about the case. You’re concerned that I have changed. Well, the truth is… I have. But I need you to know that my feelings for you, haven’t.


Soon, though, the truth comes out when FauxLucifer goes back to the penthouse and is met with an angry guest.

Maze is pissed at Lucifer for returning to hell without her. I mean, she’s only been asking to go back since the series premiere.

This FauxLucifer finally reveals himself to be Michael, Lucifer’s twin brother.

As it turns out, when Lucifer returned to hell of his own volition, everyone back in heaven praised Lucifer for doing the right thing. This did not go over so well with Michael.

Maze: So, you’re jealous?
Michael: No. I’m pissed. Lucifer finally does what he’s supposed to do without whining about it and he gets praised?

In his eyes, Lucifer is being praised for doing the bare minimum. He’s the outcast, the one who’s always done wrong, and always will do wrong. Why should he get credit for going back to hell where he belonged, living out his punishment?

Michael is determined to prove Lucifer isn’t as good as everyone thinks he is. To do that, he decided to insert himself into Lucifer’s LA life, play with his toys (maybe break a few), and force Lucifer to return and show his “true colors.”

Maze knows Chloe won’t be so easily manipulated, but Michael plans on getting better at being Lucifer so he can eventually break her heart. He knows Maze is also upset with Michael, so he recruits her to help him, which she unfortunately agrees to.

Maze has a habit of self-destruction when she’s been hurt. We saw it after she found out about Amenadiel and Linda. Now, it seems she’s ready to go down that path once again after the rejections of Eve and Chloe.

Michael, meanwhile, heads back out with Chloe to track down a Donovan Glover for the murder case.

Michael grabbing Chloe and flying over the car was a moment of awe, and could have been swoon-worthy if it was our Lucifer. 

Lucifer almost never uses his wings around Chloe: Clue #3.

All of these changes are not adding up to our Lucifer at all. Chloe isn’t the only one to think something is going on, either.

Dan has been suspicious about Lucifer ever since he was uncharacteristically kind to him when he first returned.

Dan: Hey. What are you doing?
Michael: I’m literally doing nothing.
Dan: You never do nothing. Something is definitely up.

Then he gives him his pudding back. Now he’s just standing around doing nothing? No, this is not the Lucifer Dan knows at all.

It’s not the Lucifer Chloe knows, either.

When they find out their next suspect is unavailable until tomorrow and they have the rest of the evening free, Lucifer decides he’s just going to head home alone. No plans with your first love who you haven’t seen in thousands of years?

No problem, though. Chloe takes some initiative and brings dinner to the penthouse. She is met with quite the unexpected sight.

Maze and Michael are getting hot and heavy in bed when Chloe arrives, clearly planning on her catching them. An upset Chloe immediately runs out, but Michael follows her.

He gives her the BS excuse that it meant nothing. Chloe means everything to him. But how can she believe him, knowing he’s okay with lying now?

Michael: But Chloe, it meant nothing. You are the only thing that matters to me.
Chloe: Oh, yeah? How do I know that you’re not lying? ‘Cause you do that now, yeah? You lie. Michael: Not to you. You’re different. I would never lie to you.

Not that Michael meant her to believe him. This has been his plan all along, to break Chloe’s heart. 

This is just all so confusing for Chloe. Lucifer wouldn’t intentionally hurt her this way (Clue #4).

She puts all this aside and goes with him the next morning to question a new suspect in their investigation, Anders Brody, tech billionaire. Finally, she tells him it’s about time he used his “mojo” again.

Instead of him saying those words we didn’t know we missed so badly, Michael asks Brody “what is it you truly fear?” 

Fear? Not desire? Clue #5.

Michael picked up that Chloe noticed this difference, but she brushes it off, saying it helps her understand him more.

Is it possible Chloe is actually buying what Michael’s selling?

Amenadiel and Linda are also worried about Lucifer’s return, for Charlie’s sake.

The whole reason Lucifer left in the first place was because Charlie was in danger. Now he’s just back with no explanation? The parents are reasonably concerned. 

One demon they don’t have to worry about is Maze, who apologizes to Chloe for what happened.

Chloe is all forgiveness and even tells Maze she plans on taking her relationship with Lucifer to the next level. 

Chloe starts subtle seduction with Michael, and suggests they go back to his place after solving the case. 

You know, I… I think I like this new Lucifer. You’ve grown. I’ve been stuck in an old version of us, and, uh, maybe it’s time for me to move forward, or for us to move forward together.


This seems to change Michael’s mind about Chloe. He starts to see he might actually have a chance with Chloe as himself. He even tells Linda hell will stay fine, insinuating he might want to stick around and leave Lucifer there.

He confirms that is exactly what he plans to do when Maze comes back to him, remorseful over hurting Chloe. He no longer wants to break Lucifer’s life, but to have it for himself.

It seems he’s about to get his wish when Chloe comes to the penthouse for their date.

Except Chloe is much smarter than he thought.

When Chloe tells him she meant it when she said she loved him, Michael responded he meant it, too, and said he loves her. 

Clue #6: Lucifer never actually said he loved Chloe.

Proving our Chloe Decker is the keen detective we knew her to be all along, she shoots Michael, proving he is not her Lucifer. This forces him to finally come clean.

Once I shot Lucifer to prove he’s the devil, and now I’m shooting you to prove you’re not.


Michael will not go quietly, though. He unleashes the truth about her significance to Lucifer, telling her she was never supposed to exist. She was only put here for Lucifer.

Amenadiel also confronts Michael. He knows deep down, he’s simply jealous of Lucifer.

Amenadiel: You’re terrified that Lucifer is better than you. That he’ll always be better than you.
Michael: Please. Our brother? The Devil? The-the-the guy that was cast out of Heaven for all eternity?
Amenadiel: Exactly, Michael, because despite even that, you know deep down… he’ll always end up winning.

Knowing they haven’t seen the last of Michael, Amenadiel decides it’s time to tell Lucifer to come home.

So what more will come from Michael? Surely, he’s not done wreaking havoc on Lucifer’s life. 

Also, how will Chloe take this news that she was made for Lucifer? Will she react as Lucifer did and think their connection is fake? Or will she think them being “made for each other” is simply romantic?

Over to you, Fanatics! Sound off in the comments and tell us your predictions for what’s to come!

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