‘Metal Gear Solid’ Board Game Adaptation Delayed to Summer 2021

With all of the new and upcoming videogame-to-board game adaptations, there was bound to be a snag somewhere. Unfortunately for Metal Gear Solid fans, that snag has happened to them. The publisher for the upcoming board game, IDW Games, has announced that their adaptation has been delayed from this Summer (what’s left of it, really) to Summer 2021.

This isn’t the first time that the game has seen a delay. Originally announced for a 2019 release, IDW Games stated back in November 2019 that the game was being bumped to Summer 2020 (which obviously isn’t happening now). The reasons for the delay are for quality, according to IDW Games.

“We will not compromise our standards for the quality of game our community deserves. We are steadfastly committed to working with acclaimed designer Emerson Matsuuchi to bring his vision for this title to life on the tabletop no matter how much time it takes.”

Now it might seem like doom and gloom, but fret not. IDW did say that the game is “entering its final round of playtesting”. On top of that, with the game nearing it’s finality, IDW will be sharing more details about MGS leading up to its release, including gameplay coverage, components, and missions.

As well, for those who backed the project from the start, IDW is promising a set of tutorial and playable missions later this December “to get you up to speed” before the game arrives.

Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game will retail for $125USD.

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