Christine Quinn’s Fashion Philosophy? ‘One Part Bitchy, One Part Miranda Priestly’

In the season 2 finale of Netflix’s Selling Sunset, Oppenheim Group’s most
ostentatious agent Christine Quinn crashes her coworker-turned-frenemy Mary Fitzgerald’s final dress fitting at Floravere bridal showroom on Melrose Place. Quinn is there to apologize for calling Fitzgerald a “fucking idiot” just a few days before the wedding.

Just like a Sour Patch Kid, Quinn can be sour first—then sweet. In the show, she’s often doing damage control for her over-the-top antics—and when she apologizes, she does it in fabulous 4-inch stilettos.

To make amends with Fitzgerald, she selected a red mock neck sweater dress from Revolve, Balenciaga sunglasses, and shimmering Christian Louboutin heels.

“My style is like a recipe,” Quinn tells “One part bitchy, one part Miranda Priestly, and a whole lot of designer.”

christine quinn selling sunset

Quinn in Bianca and Bridgett, carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag.


selling sunset

Quinn paired a teal Moschino suit with Louboutin heels.

Courtesy Netflix

Quinn is the uncontested sartorial star of Selling Sunset, parading around multi-million dollar botox-themed real estate showings in Balenciaga jumpsuits and Moschino blazers. She’s a self-proclaimed “goth Barbie” whose flair for pomp and circumstance often gets her in trouble—but also makes for really, really great reality television. At her anti-wedding wedding to retired software engineer Christian Richard, she walked down the aisle in a black Galia Lahav ballgown as fake snow fell on her shoulders.

“[What I wear] is all about my mood,” she says. “Sometimes I am sassy in a dress. Sometimes I want to be a boss bitch in a power suit. And sometimes, I just want to listen to the tea, and be a bit more incognito wearing a sweatshirt—designer obviously.”

selling sunset

Quinn in a green Gucci dress and Louis Vuitton men’s glasses. 

Courtesy Netflix

selling sunset

Quinn paired this Off-White set with a neon yellow Balenciaga bag. 

Courtesy Netflix

Quinn does her own styling, hair, and makeup for the show. It takes her about three hours to get ready.

“I like to add pieces that are unique,” she says. “I also like to raise a freshly botoxed eyebrow, [because] fashion is so subjective, and I love it.”

Quinn owns 300 pairs of shoes and estimates around 95 percent of them are high heels. She also started collecting designer slippers in quarantine and now has over 50 pairs. Among her favorite are some furry Louis Vuitton slippers, which she owns “in every color.”

She pairs them with her Louis Vuitton silk pajamas or with her Virgil Abloh tracksuit. “I love being comfy in menswear,” she says.

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Her favorite designer, she says, is Louis Vuitton. “I probably own everything from their past several collections,” she says. “Louis Vuitton is an iconic staple. It is, and always will be a classic.”

Her love for Louis can be traced back to her time working at a Taco Bell in Texas. “It was the one brand I always admired growing up,” she says. “I worked in a mall and admired the [Louis Vuitton] store every time I walked past it.”

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Quinn is currently knocking out an entire guest bedroom in the home she shares with Richard to expand her closet, so her “bags and shoes can breathe a little.” She’s also constructing a glam room built around her wardrobe to act as a staging area.

“I have pieces that I am collecting now for my niece, and future daughter,” she says. “My budget used to be minimum wage, now my budget is love.”

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