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Caribou Speaks Out Against Companies Hiring DJs to Perform Virtually on New Year’s Eve

With the COVID-19 pandemic significantly affecting the scale and scope of New Year’s Eve celebrations, Caribou‘s Dan Snaith has taken to Twitter to express his frustration at private companies trying to hire DJs to perform at their New Year’s Eve parties.

“I was just offered $40k to DJ virtually for a private company on NYE,” the electronic producer wrote yesterday (December 29). “Hey corporates – looking at the world RN, can’t think of a better use of your slush fund than pissing it up the wall so yr pampered staff can watch overpaid DJs prance around the lamest virtual party of all time?”

When Australian artist Ben Thomas suggested Snaith take the money and then donate it, he responded, “Yes, I do find this a compelling argument in some ways. And I have done this in the past (I’ve never done corporate gigs but with other money that I’ve received via usages of my music etc). I guess I’m suggesting that there’s a bigger problem than just this one absurd offer.”

Snaith released his most recent album as Caribou, Suddenly, in February, followed by an EP of remixes in October. Check out our year-end features The 50 Best Albums and 50 Best Album Covers of 2020, featuring Caribou’s Suddenly.

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