[E3 2021] Capcom Confirms New ‘Resident Evil Village’ DLC in Production; ‘Re:Verse’ Launches in July

That sneaky New Blood Interactive not only showcased some of its awesome games in a sizzle reel at the PC Gaming Show, it slipped a few unannounced ones in for good measure.

In between footage of the likes of DUSK, Gloomwood, and Airdorf’s The Unholy Trinity, there were brief glimpses of five as yet unknown titles such as a creepy visual novel, a Carmageddon-style game, and an old-school cRPG.

PC Gamer spoke with New Blood CEO Dave Oshry, who confirmed that there were indeed five very real new projects in that supercut, including a top-down shooter that plays out a lot like Doom, but with a bunny hop. The cRPG is apparently a dream project for Oshry, but he doesn’t expect it to be done anytime soon. Interestingly, the visual novel was originally an April Fools spinoff from Airdorf’s Faith series that has now become real.

The fifth game is a VR version of dark fantasy action title Amid Evil, which rounds out five game reveals in quite different genres.

It’s nice to see a bit of variety in the company’s future, and the games that are a bit closer to release are already pretty damn interesting. Oshry also had an amusing bit on the PC Gaming Show where the host tried to cut him off for a message from Valve’s Gabe Newell.

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