Stephen Lang Explains Why Don’t Breathe 2 Had The Potential To Be A ‘Rich’ And Satisfying Sequel

The following story contains very mild spoilers for the upcoming sequel Don’t Breathe 2. Nothing plot spoilery, but a few theme bits you might not want to know, so proceed cautiously, if you choose.

The horror genre specializes in sequels. Heck, we have SIX Paranormal Activity movies, with a seventh on the way. That’s ludicrous. Every once in a while, though, a horror sequel does more than just regurgitate what worked in its predecessor. It thinks outside of the box, and elevates the game in ways that the audience does not expect. Don’t Breathe 2 is one of those horror movies. The first half feels vaguely similar to the plot of the original, with The Blind Man (Stephen Lang) dealing with intruders who shouldn’t be in his home. But then the movie pivots, and in the above interview clip, Lang tells CinemaBlend that this is exactly why he saw Don’t Breathe 2 as an opportunity to provide a “rich” follow up to a surprise hit.

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