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Bob Young and the Kecksburg UFO Crash – A Different Perspective

Young was my guest this week. I had asked him on the show to discuss his take
on the Kecksburg UFO Crash of December 1965. Now, I knew that Bob was a skeptic
and that he had, what he thought to be a logical though terrestrial explanation
for the crash tale. You can listen to that here:

will admit here that at one time, looking at the evidence, I believed there
were five 

Bob Young and friend. I
don’t know which is which.

solid cases of UFO crashes, or in one case, an emergency landing. In
the world today, with better information, with access to a wide variety of
sources and witnesses, I’m not sure that five is an accurate number. I’m sure
that I’ll disappoint Stan Gordon by suggesting my opinion more closely matches that
of Bob than it does his. However, you can listen to the show I did with Stan to
get his perspective here:

 And for those who wish to read his opinions on
the Kecksburg UFO crash, you can find that here:

did talk of other things such as the nature of skepticism and the nature of
evidence. I know that some skeptics require the actual crash ship or the bodies
of the alien crew before they’ll concede interstellar flight and alien
visitation. I mentioned the Levelland sightings which does provide multiple
chains of evidence and wondered if something like that would rise to the level of
solid evidence for him.

I think, wanted something more tangible than multiple witnesses at multiple
locations, but did concede that it wouldn’t take a crash saucer and dead crew
to convince him. It’s all a matter of the level of evidence required. Some set
the bar very high, and some set it a little lower… of course, if you’ve seen a
flying saucer and experienced some of the effects of a close approach, your
take on all this might be somewhat different.

week I’ll be talking with Jennifer Stein about her experiences and interactions
with Travis Walton. She had spent quite a bit of time researching the case and
is responsible for the documentary, Travis. You might say we’ll look at
the case from a different perspective.

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