[Video] Devolver Digital Teases New ‘Serious Sam’ Game Later This Month

While we haven’t quite gotten to the point of kicking ass FOR THE LORD quite yet in video games, CeleritasGames’ upcoming co-op Survival Horror game Holy Purge is a step in the right direction.

Set for release soon on Steam, the game has you and two friends uniting your holy powers as priests to purge evil from a medieval village. Players will have to collect holy items in order to conduct a ritual to dispel a curse on the village.

Of course, it’s never that easy. In addition to the randomized locations and objectives each time you play, as nightfall progresses, werewolves and demons will try to stop you. Luckily, you can defend yourself with holy crosses, silver, and torches.

For the ultimate challenge, Holy Purge has a Nightmare Mode where you’ll have to complete the ritual and cleanse the village before it’s engulfed in darkness. You can also try and solo the ritual by yourself, if you wish. The game will also feature positional voicechat, so at least when your friends are screaming, you’ll know the direction you’ll need to run to (or away from).

Thanks to DreadXP for the heads up!

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