Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 13 Review: Aftermath

That felt like Ordinary Joe was hoping for a renewal with those cliffhangers.

Technically, the series is on the bubble, so thankfully, they did wrap many storylines. However, there are no definite answers on any of Joe’s romantic relationships.

In Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 13, he professed his love in each timeline, but we may not know whether Jenny or Amy reciprocates unless it’s renewed.

Alcoholism seemed to run in Joe’s family, but he never realized that his dad was an addict too. In Joe’s eyes, his dad was a revered hero, which may have been part of the problem.

Many people saw Joe the same way, and then, he drank and drove and crashed his car into a tree. While he was passed out, the first person he envisioned was his dad.

Joe’s dad: Driving drunk, cheating on Amy. This isn’t the Joe I know.
Joe: I don’t know what happened.
Joe’s dad: Life threw you off track and into a tree

As soon as he was awake, he just blamed it on the snow, insisting he was fine. Jenny came immediately to defend Joe and tried to convince him to show remorse, so he’d only have to go to rehab and avoid jail time.

It was telling that both Jenny and Amy thought he was being self-destructive and that he needed to help himself.

Jenny opened up, telling Rockstar Joe how she suffered after college with giving away Zeek and her mom dying.

it took me two months to ask for help. I had to want to live and have to want that too, Joe.


Amy also tried to reach him, saying no matter what happened, she didn’t want him dead, but only Uncle Frank really got through to him.

Uncle Frank and Joe have similar stories in parallel timelines. When Rockstar Joe saw the destroyed Porsche and learned his dad was an addict too, he finally agreed to get some help.

Cop Joe hesitated about testifying for Uncle Frank, but he did because he’s family and needed help fighting his demons.

When writing both alcoholism stories, they focused on not blaming the addict and getting them the help they needed.

I wonder if they’d done that sooner with Uncle Frank in the green timeline if he wouldn’t have been as far gone.

Both Frank and Joe commented that Kimbreaus don’t talk enough. Was Chris Sr.’s alcoholism something that was never discussed, like his temper?

Joe seems as if he inherited many characteristics from his dad and uncle, both the good and the bad.

Joe messed up his romantic relationships in all of the timelines, too. Nurse Joe kissed Kinsley and then regretted it. Needing guidance, he sought help from his wingman, Eric.

Points to Joe for trying to surprise Jenny on Valentine’s Day with flowers in person. It only shows how far they’ve distanced that Barrett was there when he arrived, and she was actually considering taking the Atlanta partnership.

Jenny and Joe seem like they got married way too young because they were forced to because of the baby. They care about each other, but they both gave up many dreams along the way.

Jenny and RockstarJoe may fare better. They’ve spent so much time together, bonding over searching and finding their son.

Joe realized she was the love of his life. Is it too late?

I do want to live again with you. It’s always been you. I should have come to the lake house. Let me make the right choice this time


They are technically both still married, though divorces aren’t hard to get.

These two have worked hard to live their dreams, so they will still have autonomy.

Amy’s parents didn’t want her dating a cop after her history, and they wanted her to move home. She also knew Joe wanted a family and that she could never give that to him.

These feelings intensified as Amy watched how happy Eric and a pregnant Mallory were and how ecstatic Cop Joe was to be godfather.

Amy looked so happy and nostalgic, like she wanted a bundle of joy too, but knew it wasn’t possible.

We saw how Joe and Amy struggled to have a baby in the other timeline. Would they even try or go to alternative methods like adoption?

Ordinary Joe definitely has used adoption throughout the series, with Zeek, and now Erik and Amy got approved by a birth mother.

They kept Amy’s fertility issues in each timeline. It was so exciting watching both the birth mom and Mallory give birth in the same scene in parallel timelines.

Both Eric and Amy waited a long time to have children, so this felt like a well-earned moment for both of them. Hopefully, if the series is renewed, we’ll get to see the babies grow up.

The season finale wrapped up many storylines, though I would’ve liked some updates on how Lucas, Jenny, and Ray were faring. Also, where was Gwen, especially with her son, in a car accident?

Will Rockstar Joe and Jenny ever be allowed to see Zeek again, or did he totally blow it with his assumptions and overindulgences?

If they genuinely reunite, will they lose part of themselves again, or can they both fulfill their dreams?

Over to you, Ordinary Joe Fanatics. What did you think of that cliffhanger? Who do you think ended up together?

Do you think the series will be renewed? Chime in below in the comments.

Remember, if you missed any of the episodes, you can watch Ordinary Joe online right here via TV Fanatic.

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