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Spotlight on the Paranormal: Chris and Harmony DeFlorio

Chris DeFlorio is a self-trained Religious Demonologist who is assisted by his wife, Harmony through their
organization, The New York Office of Demonic Investigations. With the increase in paranormal and
demonic activity over the past few years, Chris and Harmony help their clients, free of charge with
spiritual issues that are destroying their lives.

The DeFlorio’s are the average American family next door working full-time jobs, tending to their home, and putting 4 kids through college. If you lived next to them that’s all you would know, but now another truth has come out. There are two worlds that human beings live in daily. The life we see in the physical but there is also another world right under our nose that is invisible to most. The DeFlorio’s
learned this first hand in 2019 as their lives were changed forever during a family trip in Orlando. Chris
watched his own family being haunted by a malevolent spirit and left him with a decision to run or save
his family by jumping headfirst into the greatest battle in human history since the beginning of time…the
the battle between Good and Evil.

Chris is a New York City Police Officer of 18 years with experience as a New York City Paramedic as well.
Harmony works as a private health aide with a past work experience in New York City as an Emergency
Medical Technician and Renal Dialysis Technician. Both were on opposites paths in life. Chris is one step
away from a Professional baseball career, Harmony is one step away from being a Broadway actress. Both
of their dreams were ripped away at an early age but looking back now, fate had set them up in NYC as their
lives collided for the first time as defenders of the physical world through their jobs but unknowingly
preparing them to come together for a much more dangerous calling.

In 2009, with their relationship in trouble, they turned their lives over to God and thus began the
journey. They have been involved with working with the Homeless since 2009 through the ministry they
created called Seek and Save Outreach. The ministry branched out overseas as they began sending
clothes and toys to families in Rwanda, Uganda, Mexico, Haiti, Nicaragua, and the Philippines.
Chris began the international ministry after his trip to Africa. Here he experienced his first physical
encounter with the Devil as he witnessed a man in the middle of a village market who appeared to be
demonically possessed.

Coming back home to the States with this awakening has led him into the field of religious demonology
where Harmony and Chris now work together as a team called by God to be the defenders of those
tormented by Satan and his minions.

They have worked on high-profile cases which made headlines in the news. They have been featured in the
NY Daily News twice in consecutive months and Tv stations playing up and down the east coast. They
have taken on a Satanic witch in Connecticut, Demons in an NYC police precinct as well as an Orlando
resort. This is just the beginning of the story and their adventures.

Visit Chris and Harmony’s Facebook Page:

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