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Spotlight on the Paranormal: Gavin & Paula Kelly

Gavin Kelly and Paula Purcell Kelly are the Owner and Co-owner of In the Shadows Entertainment Group, not to mention a power duo! Their production company creates and produces made-for-TV paranormal shows. You may have seen a few of their shows such as “The Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown” released to Amazon as a new original series on October 31st, 2017, or perhaps one of their trailers for upcoming releases. Gavin and Paula traveled all over the Southeast researching, investigating, documenting, and filming. Filming a variety of locations including hospitals, schools, jails, prisons, churches, and battlegrounds. In season 1 of “The Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown” Gavin tried his hand hosting further proving he’s a jack of all trades. As the duo started reviewing the abundance of footage they quickly realized they’d filmed enough episodes to expand to seasons 2, 3, and 4. At that point, Gavin and Paula extended their travels all over the United States at that time in search of untold stories and new locations. The duo’s ventures took them aboard The Queen Mary in Long Beach California, to The U.S.S. Lexington in Corpus Christi, Texas, to St. Albans in Radford, Virginia including everywhere else and in between. Covering 125 Locations within 3 years for The Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown to bring their fans nothing less than the best. Gavin and Paula accomplished this without network assistance and without financial backing whatsoever, which is no easy feat for a production company. Paula and Gavin funded their own travel, lodging, food, and locations for 4 seasons. In a genre where costs keep going up along the way, this duo says “it was totally worth it”! Their focus was to bring out the history and the stories of the spirits at those locations and this is where Paula Purcell Kelly excels spending countless hours researching and locating historical records. Many locations they’ve investigated had never seen a camera crew or electricity. Crazy as that sounds and bearing in mind that some locations didn’t have power Gavin brought in his gear generating power and lit up those locations. Shedding new light on each and every location, taking the time to learn about who is still lingering there and why they are still there. Naturally, this didn’t just happen overnight as some may think so let’s take you back to 2012…hold that thought let’s give you a little bit of background on these two: Gavin Kelly wasn’t always a paranormal investigator, a producer, cinematographer, or editor. Yes, yes we know it’s hard to believe! Gavin was born in Pasadena, California bitten by “the acting bug” while he was in high school. He has appeared on an episode of Growing pains called “Carols Carnival”. Two HBO short films and a couple of public service announcement commercials after graduating high school. Following a few years of college, it was off to the land of broken hearts and broken guitar strings. You guess it… Music City, Nashville, TN! Gavin’s main goal was to become a country singer. If you are determined you can actually make it! Gavin was a regional finalist for USA Networks Nashville Star, which showed he had what it took to be a successful artist. Gavin was signed by an independent label “Mirror Image Records” in Nashville, TN, releasing his first-ever debut album entitled “Honolulu Blue” which lead to his touring all over with his band. His first single was “In America” which garnered national radio airplay. Gavin struck again with his single “Getcha Some of This” donning radio airwaves. While residing in Nashville, TN Gavin received the opportunity to work on a Sony Pictures production called “Country Strong” starring Tim McGraw and Gwen Paltrow, leading to Gavin working alongside his friend Santiago “Julio” from the Walking Dead. Gavin found that working in the movie industry is fun but simply wasn’t enough leaving a void and a lingering feeling that there was more to be accomplished. Gavin found another passion which led him straight to the path of investigating and filming the paranormal. Paula Purcell Kelly will always be a rare find bringing so very much to the table. Paula was born in Kentucky, since the age of 16yrs old she knew she wanted to do and set out to do just that. She has a degree in early childhood education. Paula’s first paranormal experience was at the at of 13yrs old. She is an empath inherited from her maternal side passing a “gift or spiritual gift” to each female. Paula is heavily involved with local community projects year-round. Her hobbies include assisting with Girl Scouts, Easter Seals (children with disabilities), and her church youth group She attributes her phenomenal historical research skills and historical recall to her mother who was a historical researcher bouncing from libraries to cemeteries. Paula has appeared on TV twice aside from their paranormal shows or media appearances. She was an extra and held a silent role for shows that were filmed in her hometown. Now on to 2012: Gavin created the Phantasmic Ghost Hunters (PGH) which was comprised of Paula who oversaw research and history, Gavin “the gear specialist” lead investigator, and plus a few others. All it took was one investigation documented on camera the uploaded to YouTube for peer review. Shortly after they were contacted by a producer from an independent network wanting to them sign on, after taking a liking to their work. Their adventures as the Phantasmic Ghost Hunters allowed Gavin and Paula to learn about the field. Investigating 13 locations, filming the investigation, and presenting it to the GTN network. GTN was based out of South Haven, MS. The first and only season of “The Phantasmic Ghost Hunters” was a hit the numbers were great and the fans loved it. As they were just starting out they knew early on they wanted to differentiate themselves from other shows. This presented a unique opportunity during filming the show to bring the viewers along with us on a learning experience within the paranormal. They didn’t have all the bells and whistles, the top gear or tech, armed with just a Sony High 8 handy cam, digital recorder, two ghost meter pros, a spirit box, K2 meter, and a great researcher. PGH Investigated to the best of their ability, capturing compelling evidence, some even tell us we captured the “Holy Grail” at that time. Nowadays it’s an everyday occurrence for individuals to capture an apparition walking, running, jumping, or peeking around a corner. During that time, Gavin was put in contact with a producer at Amazon Studios, who watched a few episodes of the Phantasmic Ghost Hunters and told him with some crew changes, more locations they could mold a new show for them at Amazon. Gavin and Paula decided to take the advice, they did some crew changes and it ended up with it just being Gavin and Paula and two camera guys. The show was then molded into “The Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown”. Gavin and Paula have been speakers at numerous conventions and events in the Southeast, even as far as Anaheim, California speaking on behalf of TASCAM at NAMM 2017. Gavin and Paula have been celebrity guests and special guests at numerous conventions. Speaking at the famed Scarefest was truly an experience, they loved every minute of it. They are always willing to be booked for any Paranormal Convention or event when they can share their experiences and present a Q & A. Gavin and Paula sought out a way to give back to the local communities by deciding to present Ghostology 101. The Ghostology 101 presentation was presented at numerous public libraries in Kentucky, filmed by Comcast cable for viewing on Channel 2 & 10. Gavin and Paula have continued to assist in numerous charity events, be it lending an extra hand, loaning equipment, time a voice, or talent. There were going places and fast! Gavin and Paula became a household name in their hometown of Paducah, Kentucky. The duo have been in newspapers, on the news, and followed by the media to locations for live on-site interviews. Throughout all their travels, investigations, filming for shows and numerous locations it’s been an experience they’ll never forget. Gavin and Paula never expected they’d become friends with Aaron Goodwin from Ghost Adventures, Brad Klinge from Ghost Labs, Nick Groff from Paranormal Lockdown, Dalen Sprat from Ghost Brothers and others in the paranormal field. Gavin and Paula have worked alongside the best of the best in the business attributing them to helping gain the knowledge to pursue their endeavors. Learning tricks of the trade if you like, speaking of learning Paul Browning took Gavin under his wing sharing knowledge with him. We’re pretty sure Gavin picked his brains a bit too much, but in the long run it was worth it! Gavin is always seeking as much knowledge as others are willing to share or he can find regarding tech, gear, and devices in pursuit of becoming a better investigator. These past few years Gavin and Paula have been traveling all over the United States filming, but this time it’s for a new show called Truth or Legends in your Hometown. Truth or Legends in your Hometown features 28 paranormal teams in 20 states, each team gets 4 locations to investigate. Afterward, the teams go through their evidence, followed by Gavin and Paula making the trip to each location to interview the team members viewing their captured evidence. Truth or Legends in your Hometown Season 1 Episode one is currently streaming on Amazon, RokuTV, FireTV, GoogleTV, Comcast, AppleTV, and Paraflixx+ which is the equivalent of Netflix for Paranormal Fans. Truth or Legends in your Hometown stirred up quite a buzz with media outlets meeting up with the crew at the location in some of the states to get their story of what they are doing there. Gavin Kelly and Paula Purcell Kelly certainly are no strangers when it comes to the media having been on Fox23, the CW, and numerous Radio Talk shows. In giving one an insight into how dedicated this duo is Gavin and Paula enjoyed participating in talkshows and podcasts they started up their own podcast called “The Phantasmic Journey: Podcast”! They’ve interviewed most of the network Para-Celebs, Authors, Gear designers, Location owners, and Mediums. They have 4 seasons…yes you read that right four SEASONS of “The Phantasmic Journey: Podcast available on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, and many more. There was and still is so much to be explored, learned, and gained in this field. The paranormal field provides an endless challenge of taking the time to be drawn in, continuously seeking and gaining knowledge, sharing what one has learned, and assisting in the paranormal field. To this day Gavin and Paula continue working on creating and producing more made-for-TV paranormal shows and movies. Paula keeps coming up with clever ideas and they together bring her ideas to the limelight. Be on the lookout for Abandoned Paranormal ROADTRIP, Kentucky HAUNTS, Haunted KANSAS, and a movie titled “LUCY”. Gavin is in the process of furthering his education by taking cinematography and digital cinematography. Paula plans to obtain her doctorate in public history in the future. There is so much more in store for Gavin and Paula, keep your eye out for these two as they’re constantly creating or on the go!

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