Jacob and Jeff Gelais

Positive Energy Meets Positive Energy

Our host Kadrolsha Ona Carole has dedicated her life to promoting the positive in all. Positive Energy is her game. On a trip to the local grocery store recently, Market Basket in Manchester, New Hampshire, Kadrolsha saw a pleasant statement written on the back of a T-shirt. It said Positive Engery. KO being a promoter of positive energy approached the gentleman wearing the T-shirt and said “Positive Energy I like that. Cool shirt.” The gentle wearing the T-shirt, to KO’s surprise, is the New Hampshire Ambassador for “Super Coffee” Jeff St. Gelais. Jeff was checking his display of “Super Coffee” when KO spoke to him. Jeff explained to Kadrolsha about “Super Coffee” and its ingredients and how proud he was to be a part of a great compassionate company. KO purchased a can due to his passion for the product he is an ambassador for. KO words after trying Super Coffee was “Simply Delightful”.

Jeff and his brother Jacob are both involved with “Super Coffee”. Jacob is the area sales manager for Super Coffee in New Hampshire. Jeff the New Hampshire Ambassador.

Jacob St. Gelais is a New Hampshire native, someone born and raised on both the great lakes and our seacoast oceans. He has worked in both areas over his 27 years of existence and his biggest goal in life is to bring a new age communication that induces himself into communities he encounters to help them grow not just for them, but for us so that we all can grow together and evolve.

Jeff St. GelaisI was born & raised on the seacoast always optimistic & treats every day like it’s his last. Never afraid to be an opportunist & accept the challenges along the way. A competitor in all phases with a heavy heart. Little things go a long way with him.

The information below was taken from a https://www.prnewswire.com/ June 10th, 2021

“Super Coffee was born from the idea of removing negative ingredients and replacing them with positive ingredients. As we continue to thoughtfully build the Super Coffee brand, it’s important to us that we are deliberate with our choices and let our values drive our decisions,” said Founder and Youngest Brother, Jordan DeCicco. “This Campaign is a reflection of who we are as a brand; it’s our belief that if we see something that can be improved upon, we might as well add something positive.”

Nearly six years since its launch and revolutionizing the good-for-you coffee category, the brand continues to promote health and wellness with the elimination of sugar from the American diet. In 2020 alone Super Coffee helped eliminate over 4,405,627 pounds of sugar and is on track to eliminate over five million pounds of sugar by the end of 2021. Now more than ever, consumers are needing more positive energy, with many stressors and desires in their everyday lives. Super Coffee is launching the “Add Something Positive” campaign to bring positive energy and happiness to an overworked, stressed-out generation.

Learn more about “Super Coffee” by visiting their sites.





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