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Snapshot Local Concord, NH Market Days

Snapshot Local Concord, NH Market Days

Hollywood Entertainment New’s Kadrolsha Ona Carole (KO)  hit the road and visited Market Days in Concord, NH. The festival took place from June 23rd – June 25, 2022.  All the streets downtown were blocked and the party began. And what a party it was. People sharing smiles, food, and fun. Vendors with interesting products and reasonable prices. It was a family event to definitely go to again. There was something for everyone. From the young to the older there was something entertaining every step in the downtown area.KO gives this event 5 Stars!

KO talked positive celebrity gossip and found out just about everyone she talked to loved a positive dose of celebrity not the making fun of version of celebrity gossip shows.

Market Days is planned by Intown Concord, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with deep roots in downtown Concord, New Hampshire. Our mission is to promote, elevate, and celebrate the city of Concord, with a specific focus on the city center, resulting in a thriving, inclusive, and sustainable community.

Market Days and many other In-town Concord events and programs are the results of decades of hard work by committed community volunteers who want to improve and celebrate this special downtown. Wording from Market Days Organizers website

Snapshot Local celebrates local communities worldwide by highlighting their events. businesses, and fun. You will get to know the local flavor through our host Kadrolsa Ona Carole’s (KO) snapshot photos and conversations. Of course, KO always has a healthy dose of positive celebrity gossip to go around.

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