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LA based newcomer Keni makes her stunning return in the reveal of striking new offering, ‘Bev Hillz’. A stirring indie-pop cut, the track serves as a standout showcase of the breathy vocals and off-kilter songwriting that has seen Keni pick up widescale acclaim from areas such as PAPER, Coup De Main, Wonderland, CLASH and more over the past months.  She is set to move towards the release of her first EP, with ‘ Bev Hillz’ being the first taste of that.  A kooky homage to her heroes Weezer,  the track arrives with tongue-in-cheek video. We spoke to the rising singer about her latest single;

Hi Keni, welcome to OLC! So for everyone out there tell me how did your musical journey begin and who was some of your biggest inspirations?

hi ! thank you for having me! I started singing and writing when I was really young honestly like 4 or 5 and my parents really encouraged me (even though I couldn’t really spell lol).  I would sing at school in the choir or any performances we had and it was the first activity I remember really really loving. My dad played a lot of Bruce Springsteen and The Beatles when I was little. Lots of artists with story telling songwriting styles which influences me even now. 

Your quite vocal about your love for L.A. where you grew up, how do you think L.A. has influenced you and your music?

ahaha yes I do love LA. I grew up around a lot of kids who have been pushing the artistic envelope since they were really young. I find that LA is just a really easy place to feel inspired. 

Which leads me of course to your new single ‘Bev Hillz’, tell me what it’s about and what inspired you to write this?

This song is pretty self explanatory. It’s also kind of a joke. it’s about the American dream of fame and fortune. Weezer is the only inspo.  

I love the music video for this song, so tell me how you came up with the idea for it?

It just matched. Came to us kind of obviously. Plus we knew it’d be so fun. 

Who’s someone you’d love to work with given the chance past or present, and why?

I would love to write a song with Oasis. I think that’d be really sick. Literally the Hannah Montana music is so good. I would love to write with that character ahahah. Marina from Marina and the Diamonds and also Sky Ferreira would be a dream. I really love their song writing styles. 

You have a good following on social media, how important do you think Social Media plays in artists career these days and how do you keep from letting the negative side of it affect you?

Ugh yes I do think it’s important. Sometimes I feel like caring about social media kind of undermines the art aspect but if you wanna win you have to play all parts of the game I guess ahaha. It’s hard for me sometimes but other times I like it ? idk I have a love hate relationship. Thankfully most people I’ve encountered on social media are nice but there have been a few times someone has said something mean and of course it hurts my feelings. I just try not to pay to much attention. 

What advice can you give to aspiring artists?

To be yourself and work harder than everyone else. That’s literally it. 

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