Tiera Kennedy’s Star Power Shines on New Single ‘Found It in You’

Rising country talent Tiera Kennedy makes a strong debut with her joyful new single “Found It in You.”

The Alabama native explores the excitement, joy and contentment that comes after finding a love that you know will last. Kennedy’s now-husband and current creative director, Kamren Kennedy, served as inspiration behind the track’s heartfelt lyrics.

“When I wrote ‘Found It in You,’ I knew,” she says.

“It was a song that had all the things I think my music is made of, in terms of melody, lyric, story — and I was excited we were able to put out an early version. But now, after my wedding and getting some momentum, I’m thrilled to share the great big production version we made after having Dann Huff join us in the studio.”

Huff is an award-winning producer who has worked with a list of country talents, including Shania Twain, Carrie UnderwoodGlen Campbell and Tanya Tucker. His smart creative direction helped mold an expansive, fresh pop-country sound that’s engaging without feeling stale. That rich, layered soundscape perfectly complements Kennedy’s vocals, which radiate a warmth and confidence that’s sure to connect with fans of artists like Maren Morris and Ashley Monroe.

“The confidence to know that I can be happy / Just ’cause you tell me that you got me,” Kennedy sings triumphantly in the song’s soaring chorus. “All that I was looking for, I ain’t gotta look no more / I found it in you.”

“Found It in You” serves as a strong start for Kennedy, who quickly built a solid fanbase and impressive streaming numbers as an independent artist in recent years. That growing buzz and organic success has landed her on the lineups of multiple country music festivals this year and her own radio show on Apple Music Country, aptly titled the Tiera Show.

Country fans can expect to hear more from Kennedy in the months to come as she cements her standing as one of the genre’s most intriguing new voices.

Did You Know? Kennedy was selected as the flagship artist of hit country songwriter Nicolle Galyon’s record label and publishing house, Songs & Daughters. The company, which was launched in 2019, supports female singer-songwriters who want to tell their own stories in the country music space.

Tiera Kennedy’s ‘Found It in You’ Lyrics:

You’re the phone call pickin’ up in the middle of the night / You’re the patience I don’t have when things ain’t right / You’re the “You can do it, baby” even when I don’t wanna try / My mama always said that real good love just hard to find.


But I-I-I found it in you / Every little thing that I was missin’, baby / You love me a whole different kind of crazy / You got to the heart of me, boy, the best part of me / I-I-I found it in you.

The confidence to know that I can be happy / Just ’cause you tell me that you got me / All that I was lookin’ for, I ain’t gotta look no more / I-I-I found it in you, you / I found it in you / I found it in you / I found it in you.

You can catch me all drеssed up or lettin’ all my hair down / Ain’t nobody love mе like you love me baby right now / You know how to make a girl smile, yeah, boy, you do / And this girl is wild, wild about you / And baby, I’m glowin’, may not always show it / But all I know is..

Repeat Chorus Twice

Oh, I found it in you / Just like that boy, I found it in you / And just when I wasn’t lookin’ / Yeah, my heart, boy, you took it / I found it in you.

tiera Kennedy I found it in you

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