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Vallee’s Trinity Book May Have Precedence? – UFO Conjectures

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 Dan Harran, in his Who Are They Really?, presents
several UFO encounters from native American Ardy Sixkiller Clarke’s Encounters
with Star People.
Two of Clarke’s accounts ring similarly to Jacques Vallee’s Trinity
book, indicating that Vallee’s story either has precedence or was instigated by
one of the tales or both recounted by Sixkiller Clarke in her book.
I photographed the openings of the two Trinity-like
UFO tales:
I can scan the full accounts as they appear in Harran’s book
and will provide them here if anyone is interested.
Since Vallee and his collaborator — Paola Leopizzi Harris –
investigated their finding, it seems that they didn’t plagiarize anything from
Clarke’s book, but may have been inspired by it.
It is odd that two of Sixkiller’s recovered Amerindian lore
are so similar to what Vallee and Harris recount.
Apparently there is some meat in the Vallee/Harris book
which, as I noted when it was published, had a terrible tinge of hokiness and
falsity about it.
But there are details in the full accounts that Harran
offers, details that rub up against what Vallee and Harris presented from their
So, maybe a UFO did crash in New Mexico around 1945 and the
military went looking for it. And entities interacted with locals.
That aside, the stories told by Darren and Harrison and
presented “verbatim” by Harran are fascinating, even though hokey and
science-fictional in tone.
Yet, there is something about them that instills the
possibility of truth…..or something like truth.

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