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UFO Activity Ongoing in Pennsylvania-Encounters with Small Spheres of Light Close to the Ground Increasing – Stan Gordon…

UFO Activity Ongoing in Pennsylvania- Encounters with Small Spheres of Light Close To The Ground Increasing-August 13, 2022

From: Researcher Stan Gordon

Reports of UFO/UAP sightings continue to be very active in Pennsylvania during 2022. There was a surprising surge of low level observations reported during the fall and winter months of 2021, and  sightings have continued steadily throughout 2022. There have been numerous daylight observations of unusual objects in the sky as well. The public is reporting observations of triangular, spherical, cigar, and  rectangular shaped objects.

What I consider to be even more fascinating are the increase in reports of smaller generally spherical objects that are low to the ground and reportedly have been approaching within feet of witnesses in some cases. These encounters with mini-UFOs as I have called them for many years, are taking place in daylight as well as during the night.

I have been investigating such cases since the 1960s in Pennsylvania. These objects range in size from a few inches to about a foot or two in diameter. There have been many reports that described the objects as looking about the size of a golf ball or baseball. In some cases, the objects appear to be solid metal, however most witnesses describe these objects as luminous globes of various colors. I have investigated  cases where these objects have paced moving vehicles and have entered homes and vehicles through open windows.

In more recent years witnesses in wooded areas of Pennsylvania where there has been a history of Bigfoot encounters are also reporting observing these smaller luminous objects as well as other luminous phenomena. I am aware that similar reports are taking place in many areas across the country as well.

There has been an increase in observations of these smaller objects since March of 2022, and these reports have continued during the last week. There have been observations of these objects from rural wooded areas, as well as more populated housing communities.

I am interested in hearing from any Pennsylvania residents who may have seen anything unusual recently or in the past. I can be contacted  by phone at 724-838-7768 or via email at

The following is a brief synopsis of some of the UFO and mini-UFO cases that have been reported. There are also some links that will give you additional details on other sightings as well.

UFO Sightings In Pennsylvania On The Rise Since the Fall of 2021 and Continuing into 2022 – Stan Gordon’s UFO Anomalies Zone

01-05-22-4:40 AM-Latrobe-The witness was outside and noticed two white lights and a red light in the middle of an object. Then multiple Lights came on the underside of the object. It looked like a circuit board with numerous lights and what looked like solid pipes connected to some of them. The object made a low humming sound and was very low in altitude and estimated to be about 70 feet high. It was between her yard and the neighbor’s yard. At the closest point it was about 50-60 feet away.   There were about five rows of about 20 white round non-blinking lights. The pipes that seemed solid were on both sides of the panel and seemed to be connected to the top row. The object moved slow with lights on. The shape of the object was not determined but the panel section looked to be 7-8 feet long.

01-15-22-A man who lived in rural Armstrong county was concerned that his water line under the house was freezing up during a local deep freeze, so he went outside after 3 AM. He was partly inside a crawl space when he heard a strange humming-clicking sound from outside behind him. The next day his neighbor called him and told him about the strange object that he saw hovering over his barn across the road during the time that he was in the crawl space.

I was able to interview both of the witnesses involved. The neighbor told me that he awakened at about 3:45 AM by the sound of his horses being disturbed by something. “The horses were running around in a tizzy.” The man began to walk toward the barn. He approached to about 150 feet from the barn when some lights appeared over the barn. The lights were shining down, and he could see the horses moving around. That’s when he saw an object hovering about 20 feet above the barn. The object looked somewhat tear drop shaped about 65-70 feet long. The object had a smooth silver or metallic look that looked similar to stainless or galvanized steel. “It looked solid and smooth.” The object was emitting a humming and buzzing sound.

There were numerous lights across the surface of the object that looked round. There were approximately 8 rows of 20-30 lights. The lights would change from red to blue than back to a red color. The man watched the object hover for about 5 minutes. His camera phone was in the house. As he watched the lights suddenly went out, everything went dark, and the object just disappeared. He did not see the object move away from the area. The horses seem to go back to their normal behavior just seconds after the object vanished.

During January and February of 2022, I was receiving information from witnesses and UFO researchers that sightings of large triangular objects and other types of UFOs were being reported from around the Kittanning area and other sections of Armstrong county.

Mid- March 2022- Mount Pleasant Township. About dawn, the witness heard an odd sound and looked out the window.  That is when “a great big round circle with lights on it”  was observed over the trees. It was round with no wings and spinning as it was moving steadily over trees and then over the roof of the house as continued out of the area.

Mid-March 2022-Small spheres of light low to the ground and among the trees, as well as beams of light were reported at an undisclosed rural location on the Pennsylvania-New York border where there has been a history of various anomalies from UFOs to Bigfoot encounters.

April 6, 2022-A Daylight Close Range Encounter with A Mysterious Exploding Small Sphere in Fayette County, Pennsylvania-April 6, 2022 – Stan Gordon’s UFO Anomalies Zone

April 14, 2022-Ligonier, PA- During the afternoon, independent witnesses observed a huge solid elongated metallic object with multiple lights on the structure at tree top level. One witness reported the lights were so bright that it hurt her eyes.

April 16, 2022-A team of Bigfoot researchers are investigating in an undisclosed area of Fayette county where the sounds of howls and screams and something heavy walking in the woods have been reported along with nearby Bigfoot sightings. Several of these people were quite alarmed as mysterious balls of light approached very close to them that evening.

April 28, 2022-Towards Monroeville-The object observed that evening had a solid outline and was football shaped. The ends were somewhat pointed, like the ends of a football. There were many lights on the object, only some were blinking. There were 7 red lights in the center of the object. On top was a red, white, and yellow light. 3 red lights on the top. On the bottom were red, green, white, and red lights. The object looked quite large at that distance. The object was moving steadily through the sky   toward Pittsburgh. No sound could be heard from that distance. He watched the object for about 90 seconds. The object was lost from sight among the trees.

May 14, 2022-UFO Photographed from Latrobe over the Chestnut Ridge UFO Observed and Photographed Over the Chestnut Ridge in Pennsylvania-May 14, 2022 – Stan Gordon’s UFO Anomalies Zone

June 3, 2022-Pittsburgh area-At 4:30 AM, the witness noticed a bright light outside illuminating the area. About 50 yds away he sees a large solid round white light emitting a foggy bright glow illuminating the road and surroundings. It was just hovering. He heard no sound from inside the house. The object was about the size of a car. Witness watched it for 2-3 minutes and as he watched, it suddenly just vanished and was gone.

June 5, 2022-Greensburg, PA Route 30-About 5:30 or 6 PM the witness was at the red light and looked up into the clear blue sky toward the west. He noticed a silver, cigar shaped object that was motionless. He watched it while stopped for about 10 seconds and saw it when it suddenly just vanished and disappeared. The witness was certain it was not a plane and could not believe what he saw.

June 9, 2022-Latrobe area- At about 3:30 AM, the witness was awakened by his dog that seemed disturbed. The man thinking the dog needed to go for a walk opened the back door and observed a small bright sphere that was described as being about three inches in size, perfectly round and brilliant white. The object was about 5 feet above the ground moving in front of a tree in the fenced yard. The light from the object was bright however it did not radiate any light onto the surroundings. The object moved slowly just a few inches from the tree to the left side about a foot or two then stopped, and then lowered another foot before it headed back around the tree and moved off in the distance.

June 22, 2022- Greensburg- During the early morning hours, a resident in a housing development outside of town, was alerted by his ring security system of some movement near their home. When they looked at the video footage, they observed a strange small sphere of light moving around their porch.

June 22, 2022-Fayette county-In a wooded area, during the early morning hours a family notices a small sphere of light captured on a game camera.

06-28-22-Altoona, PA- This occurred about 5 miles from town at around 9:30 AM. The witness observed a large object below the clouds that was low over his car. The driver looked up underneath the object from the car window. It was a large solid round object of a red copper color with a hollow bottom and windows around it.

July 2022-During the first two weeks of July, daylight reports from several counties of wingless cigar shaped objects that in some cases just vanished from sight or in one case entered a cloud but never exited from it.

07-19-22-Elizabeth, PA-A man, and his son that evening observe a very large triangular object hovering about 200 feet over the Monongahela river. The object while hovering pivoted while being observed. The object was very large, and the corner tips of the object extended to both sides of the river. There were three white lights and one smaller red light on the object.  

07-28-22-Ligonier-At a rural location just a few miles out of town, at about 3 AM, a witness is awakened and observes a small bright blue ball of light about a foot in diameter. The sphere is about 8-10 feet away and bobbing up and down in front of the bedroom window. The  object is brilliant however it is not casting any light on the surrounding area.

07-30-22-Fayette County-Members of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society & Fay-West Paranormal were investigating in that undisclosed location where many strange occurrences have taken place between the Chestnut and Laurel Ridge and referred to as Area X. That evening they encountered two baseball size balls of light, one red and one white. One object was about 5 feet above the ground. The other sphere appeared to be on the ground. After a short time, the objects suddenly just vanished and were not seen again.   

08-09-22-Latrobe- At a rural area location a few miles from town, the witness who couldn’t sleep at 2:30 AM, looked out the window and observed about 200 feet away, a large object hovering somewhat higher than tree top level. The witness described the object as solid, big, and round and shaped somewhat like a cantaloupe. The object was a very bright orange and red color and glowed brightly. There was some minimal illumination extending beyond the object. There were small green and blue lights on the bottom of the object. They would alternate on and off, but never on at the same time.

08-09-22-This incident took place in a rural area of Greene county. This report was forwarded  to me by my research associate Jim Brown. This took place during the evening. There was no storm activity in the area at the time. Walking past a window, the resident observed a bright yellow white sphere about 20 feet away that was about 10 inches in diameter. It was stationary at the time. The witness called his son who also saw it. They went to another window, and they still observed it. He tried to take a picture with his phone camera, however he could not see the sphere on the screen, however he could with his eyes. They obtained a standard digital camera and once again, they could not see the orb, however they could see the surrounding trees.

They couldn’t understand why they couldn’t see it with both cameras. They then located an old film camera, and interestingly they could see the sphere and surroundings through that viewfinder. That camera is of course a different technology than the two other digital types. After about 5 minutes the sphere began to move off slowly then just stopped a couple seconds. The object then quickly rose in altitude and moved over the field and vanished.

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