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How To Cope Through Trauma The Lynne Jasames Show

In her own words: The Lynne Jasames Show is about helping people heal after trauma. I have personally experienced a great deal of trauma in my life. I work in a field where I hear and work with children and families that go through a great deal of trauma. I want to share how I lived through my trauma through my guests.

My guest shares their personal experiences with trauma. My guest is very transparent when sharing very traumatic things that have happened to them. I want my audience to be able to see themselves in my guest stories and know they can heal.

I have specific topics during my show that I intentionally discuss for the audience to think about for their own lives and things they can relate to.

After hearing my story, most people would ask me how I became successful without the negative story from a narrative written from statistics and the naysayers. The data, perception, and opinions about what a teen mother, foster child, sexual abuse victim, growing up with an addict, being a domestic violence, stroke, and cancer survivor life would look like. I acknowledge I have fought through anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, suicide ideation, and self-hatred. I decided I cannot become what statistics and the naysayers said I would become.

I started by, graduating on time with my senior class after having a baby, and entering foster care, and I did not have any high school credits.

I talk about coping skills on the show because I learned my coping skills help get me through. I talk about values and beliefs because I learned my values and beliefs helped me succeed the way I believe I was supposed to. I did not allow my life experiences to be the reason I failed my children or myself. I talk about people who made a difference in my guests’ lives because I acknowledge there are key people that play/played an important part in me succeeding. I didn’t want to let the people that supported me down, so they would stay encouraged to help somebody else.

The show is designed to help the viewer understand what trauma is, how to cope through trauma, recognizing how much your value and belief system matters, and acknowledging the people who supports/ or supported them through their trauma.

My guest’ are transparent, honest, vulnerable, and willing to allow the audience into a part of their lives that are so personal and heartbreaking.



Lynne L. Jasames, Director and Founder of JasamesInc, LLC is a Los Angeles, CA

native that has spent over 25 years providing social services in the Las Vegas NV area.

Ms. Jasames, has professional experience in mentoring, assessing crisis, consulting,

training and crisis intervention. Ms. Jasames, has been a Family Services Specialist with Clark County Department of Family Services since 1996. She currently trains and recruits prospective foster parents.

Ms. Jasames, has worked with at risk youth and families in crisis. Her services include

supervising level five mental health facilities, being a substitute teacher in at risk areas,

facilitating BST, PRS, and Day Treatment and Case Management services. She facilitated a successful 12-weeks mentorship program. Ms. Jasames, has trained incarcerated youth and women on how to beat the odds. Today she helps individuals and organizations achieve higher levels of success through her proprietary training and speaking platform.

Ms. Jasames, trains on the impact of trauma from a professional and personal perspective. Ms. Jasames, authored her first book It’s Okay to Cry, in 2005. In 2015 she released a deeper version of It’s Okay to Cry -When the odds are Against You (Foreword by Les Brown). She provides a unique perspective on overcoming crisis, teen pregnancy, foster care, sexual abuse, domestic violence, abuse/neglect, an abortion and trauma. Through her emotions she demonstrates how she learned to cope through it all. In 2019, she released, How to Beat the Odds from A to Z, where she shares how her values and beliefs helped her beat the odds.

Ms. Jasames, received her MBA in 2007 and her BA in Sociology in 1997. Ms. Jasames, has a certificate in Crisis Counseling and several certificates in Trauma. She has been trained in Trust Based Relational Intervention helping children from hard places. Ms. Jasames, has given motivational speeches, facilitated training classes, and mentored men, women, and youth. Lynne is on the board of the non-profit, A Women’s Foundation and a Regional Director of a non-profit, the Eagles Organization. Ms. Jasames, is a board member of the Healthy Children, Families and Community Pilar with Nevada Partners.

Ms. Jasames, has been featured on the local Channel 8 News and featured in local and

other state newspapers (Los Angeles Wave Newspaper. Ms. Jasames, has been a guest speaker on several radio stations and podcasts to encourage youth and adults to beat the odds. Lynne was the host of a radio show “Beat the Odds” and the host of a talk show, the Lynne Jasames Show (360TVN).

When Ms. Jasames, is not working, she enjoys spending time with family, she loves

running and takes pleasure in reading. She is the mother of five sons, two goddaughters, and two grandchildren.

Executive Producers: Keith Barrows, Michael Malott of 360 Studios LTD, 360TVN.

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