Days of Our Lives Round Table: Xander Dumps Gwen!

Xander and Gwen hit a breaking point, but who will suffer the worse for the fallout?

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by PhloeForever from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate Gwen and Xander’s breakup, Maggie playing hardball, Belle ditching Eric, and Brady’s subpar parenting.

Also, who is the best parent in Salem? Read on to find out…

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Xander told Gwen that even though his divorce was official, he couldn’t be with her because he still loved Sarah. Then he quit the Spectator. Did he make the right decision, and how do you see him and Gwen moving forward?

PhloeForever: Xander made the right decision in telling Gwen the truth about how he felt about Sarah, even though it hurt. Gwen is feeling rejected because of the times she stood by him. He also hurt Sarah by deliberately sleeping with Gwen.

If he’s serious about being with Sarah, quitting the Spectator was a good idea. Being around Gwen won’t be a trigger for him anymore.

But I don’t think it’s over between Xander and Gwen because, most likely, Gwen will be there for Xander once more when the secret Sarah is keeping from him comes out.

Jack: Xander was right not to start something with Gwen when he’s still half in love with Sarah. Gwen’s response was ridiculous. She knew this was the situation; she acted like Xander led her on when he’s been saying for weeks that he was still not over Sarah or ready for a new relationship.

I guess Xander was right to quit, but now he has no job, and that means he’s probably going to fall into criminal behavior again. Ugh.

Christine: I felt for them both, but Xander making this break was definitely the right call.

Gwen and Xander are a lot alike. And I don’t think Gwen has ever fallen out of love with Xander. So even though, intellectually, she knew Xander still loved Sarah, emotionally, it was all too easy to let herself think they had a chance, especially with Leo’s encouragement.

Xander used Gwen as an emotional band-aid and a way to get back at Sarah. On some level, he had to know Gwen still loved him and would do anything for him. Heck, he even implied they had a chance for more after his divorce was final, so it’s not like he didn’t give her cause to hope.

Gwen had the right to be upset, but Xander did the right thing. I’m just hoping Gwen doesn’t sleep with Alex and then gets pregnant, turning this into a Who’s the Daddy trope. I want to see Xander and Sarah reunite and Gwen move on with someone new.

Should Belle have been Eric’s lawyer because he’s her brother, even though he was being a jerk?

PhloeForever: Belle mostly didn’t want to represent Eric over some recent personal issues, such as hitting her husband and questioning her prowess in representing Paulina, both of which had nothing to do with his current troubles.

It was because he saw she was still holding a grudge over that personal matter that he blew up at her. She freely represented Brady even though his jealous, frantic actions of kidnapping and torturing Stefan could have nearly killed him, so yes, she should have represented Eric.

Jack: Belle has a very good reason not to be Eric’s lawyer. Eric and Brady’s defenses might rest on blaming the other one for the lion’s share of the crimes, so how can she represent both of them?

I don’t think Belle owes Eric anything just because he’s her brother, but her decision not to represent him because she doesn’t like how he behaved two months ago is petty and ridiculous.

Christine: Eric has been nothing but a jerk. He’s berated Belle, insulted her, and even hit her husband, and he’s never apologized for that, at least not sincerely.

And the moment he felt slighted here, he ripped into her again. Belle shouldn’t take that abuse from anyone, sibling or not. Brady may have been stupid, but at least he shows Belle some respect. I don’t blame her at all for leaving Eric to fend for himself. He deserves it.

Brady pushed to have lunch with Chloe and Rachel. Was insisting the three of them spend time together the right thing to do?

PhloeForever: Although Rachel was being a little brat, I think she’s at that age where she’s being loyal to her mom and wanting to see her parents get back together. She sees Chloe as the bad guy because of the venom spewed by Kristen.

Rachel is just a little girl, so no one wants to go into detail about just how evil Kristen could be and what she currently did to land herself in jail again. With her mom locked up in jail again and Marlena gone, Brady probably shouldn’t push the issue of them having lunch.

What’s needed is for Kristen to admit to Rachel that her dislike for Chloe is because she was jealous of Brady’s relationship with her. That might give Chloe a chance.

Jack: This situation is complicated. I don’t think Chloe is right to let a six-year-old dictate this relationship, but I also think Brady is handling it all wrong.

Brady should never have introduced Chloe or any girlfriend to Rachel until he was 100% sure the relationship would work out. In this case, that included it being Kristen-proof. And since he and Chloe haven’t decided whether they are going to be together or not, there’s no reason for Rachel to be involved at this point.

Christine: Brady was an idiot. His relationship with Chloe is on the rocks, and Rachel still hates Chloe, so pushing them together was bound to lead to disaster.

Rachel shouldn’t be allowed to call the shots, but Brady also can’t ignore his daughter’s feelings. Kristen filled her head with hate for Chloe. That’s not going to just disappear. Now Kristen is in jail, and Marlena is “dead.” This kid needs her father’s time and attention, not for him to be risking jail time himself so he can win Chloe back.

If Brady thinks he can just push these two together, and it will all turn out all right, he’s a fool.

EJ and Stefan are swapping drinks so often we doubt they can tell which one is drugged. Who will come out on top in this battle to oust the other brother?

PhloeForever: With the number of times Johnny and Wendy were wondering and discussing if EJ was drugging Stefan, I think it will be Stefan coming out on top. They have already informed Stefan that EJ could be drugging him. Then there will be some conflict down the road with Johnny and his Dad for informing on him to Stefan.

Jack: I keep wondering if Shin is going to end up drugged. This latest round seemed like the shell game, with all these drinks on the table and one of them being drugged.

Stefan is onto EJ’s plan, and Shin is aware of EJ’s previous screw-ups, so it’s also possible Shin could fire both of them by the end of the night. I don’t see anyone coming out on top in this silly scenario.

Christine: This game of musical drinks is making me dizzy. I want EJ and Nicole to come out on top, but with Johnny and Wendy’s interference, I’m afraid Stefan will get the upper hand.

Or, as Jack said above, Shin could end up being drugged, which could lead to either some fun scenarios or serious consequences.

Sloan got back together with Eric and offered to represent him. Is the sex just that good, or is Sloan planning something?

PhloeForever: The character of Sloan seems to be a very scandalous, vindictive person who would play Eric and secretly look for revenge. I’m not really a Sloan and Eric fan, but I could see why she would feel betrayed, hurt, and deceived. They were in a relationship and he stole her documents behind her back.

She had been pushing Trask to destroy Eric, so I think she wants revenge, and it’s all just a facade, to let Eric think it’s all about great sex. She also seems jealous that Eric still has a thing for Nicole.

Jack: I’m wondering that too. Sloan changed her tune awfully quickly after asking Trask to throw the book at Eric!

Whether or not she’s up to something, Eric should be suspicious of her sudden change of heart.

Christine: Yeah, there’s no way Sloan forgave him that quickly, and I’d bet Sloan can find another sexual partner without much trouble. She wants revenge, and given Eric’s recent behavior, I’m going to enjoy watching her get it.

Were you surprised that Gabi and Stefan are willing to have her be married to Li for another six months so they can get ahold of his Dimera shares? And what does that say about their relationship?

PhloeForever: Yes I was surprised at the sudden change of Stefan wanting Gabi to be married to Li for six months to get his Dimera shares. It shows how ruthless and greedy for power Stefan has become. Gabi was willing to drop being married to Li and give up the shares so she could be with Stefan because she loves him.

Li even offered to end their marriage contract, but only if he could keep his shares. There were instances where Gabi longed to be with Stefan. She felt hurt that he was brainwashed into loving Chloe. Gabi should forcefully tell Stefan that she doesn’t want to be with Li just to get his Dimera shares anymore.

Jack: I’m not entirely convinced that this plan wasn’t partially influenced by the drugs EJ gave Stefan!

That said, it shows Gabi and Stefan are better schemers than Li. They’re working together to get their revenge and the company back.

Christine: This doesn’t feel like two people who are the loves of each others’ lives.

The one upside is that Stefan and Gabi are working together for the same goal, but this is a risky game. It’s as though the Dimera shares are more important than their love for one another.

Who is the best parent in Salem?

PhloeForever: The best parent in Salem this week was John because of the way he firmly but kindly spoke to Rachel about her rude, bratty behavior while understanding she was going through a hard time because of her mom being in jail.

I liked him telling her that not everything she read was the truth because the Salem Spectator was a scandalous newspaper. And I liked her talking about missing Marlena.

Jack: None of the current crop of parents of young children is impressive. They all leave them with babysitters or in boarding school (or in Gabi’s case, let them move halfway around the world!)

I like Paulina’s relationship with Chanel even though she doesn’t seem to be aware that Chanel is no longer a teenager.

And if grandparents count, John was pretty good with Rachel.

Christine: John! Overall, he’s always supportive of his adult children and step-children. And he was perfect with Rachel. Stern where he needed to be but compassionate and understanding of why she’s feeling the way she is. I wish Brady had learned more about parenting from his Dad.

What disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

PhloeForever: Eric being reduced to only wanting great sex. His devious actions as he helped Brady kidnap Stefan without trying to be the voice of reason. Eric was once a decent character with morals and values, as he was also a priest.

But I could also understand how he feels lost with Marlena’s death and how people like Kristen and Orpheus are still alive.

Jack: Ugh, I was so annoyed with that whole Stephanie/Chad/Leo scene. Chad should have known better than to blurt anything out to Leo, but Stephanie also turned it into something it wasn’t. Chad wasn’t doing anything nefarious to keep Stephanie and Alex from working together. She was mad about something that only happened in her head!

Also, how did Eric say with a straight face that Nicole should stop judging other people? He does nothing but judge her, ever!

Christine: That Alex went behind Maggie’s back. Chad not being able to keep his mouth shut around Leo. Stephanie was right. If he can’t hold his tongue and his temper, perhaps PR isn’t the right fit for him.

And that Chloe and John seem to care more about Rachel’s feelings than Brady does.

And Johnny sharing everything with Wendy and then turning on his father so quickly. I’d like to see Johnny and EJ working together at some point as father and son, even if it ends up being for more evil than good.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

PhloeForever: My favorite scene was Xander being straight with Gwen and telling her he still wanted to be with Sarah. I may not be a big fan of Xander and Gwen, but I thought Emily Obrien really showed how hurt Gwen was that Xander only used her to help with any dirty work.

After she was there for him in all the recent bad times, he still chose Sarah over her because he’ll never love her the same way he does Sarah.

Jack: I am enjoying Maggie standing up to Alex:

Maggie: Did you really think that Victor would side with you over his own wife?
Alex: I’m sorry, Auntie Maggie. It’s just that I believe in Bella and I wanted to fight for it. It’s nothing personal.
Maggie: Nothing personal? I have had to tell you twice today to get out of that chair that no longer belongs to you. I am your boss!
Alex: I know. And I respect that.
Maggie: Do you? Because your actions say otherwise. I am the CEO of this company, and if you can’t accept that, feel free to resign.

Maggie’s turn in the CEO chair is compelling!

Christine: I love how Xander and Maggie still have a strong relationship, despite all that’s happened. I also loved Maggie calling out Alex. Maggie had a strong week, and I’m happy to see it.

And I may not love the musical drinks scenario, but I do enjoy EJ and Nicole plotting together. These two are a lot of fun. 

It’s a houseplant in the Dimera living room. It’s been doused with poisons and mind-altering drugs since it was a seedling.


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