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Described as a “hugely ambitious feature film slate,” El Estudio and Morbido are launching The Latin House of Horror, and Variety brings us the scoop this afternoon.

The Latin House of Horror will be dedicated to “channeling the voices of a powerful new generation of genre artists emerging in Spain and, most especially, Latin America.”

A six-movie slate was announced out of Cannes this week. Mexico’s Sula Films will produce the series, with Film Factory Entertainment handling world sales.

Variety reports, “The slate is designed to supercharge genre production in Latin America, in ambition, profile and exports, just as Filmax’s Fantastic Factory did a generation ago in Spain.”

The slate of films and filmmakers for The Latin House of Horror includes…

9 Steps (Marissa Crespo, Moisés Romera)

Sara, a lonely girl with nyctophobia, receives mysterious notes and candies from the abandoned apartment above, leading her to confront a witch and face her fears as she transitions from childhood to adulthood.

Dead Man’s Secret (Sofía Carrillo)

Sergio, a morgue worker with the ability to communicate with the dead, uncovers a secret that triggers a curse, leading to paranormal disturbances and dire consequences for him and his loved ones.

A Fishermen’s Tale (Edgar Nito)

A terrifying fable that follows four stories on a fishermen island at Michoacán’s Pátzcuaro lake, where an evil lake spirit stalks them and leads them to their tragic fate.

Family (Adrián García Bogliano)

A teen girl makes a startling revelation that her parents were involved in witchcraft years ago, trading their souls for success and wealth. As the time comes to fulfil the debt owed, she must confront the consequences of the wish they made and the lodge that granted it.

Karmin (Isaac Ezban)

A psychological thriller in which Toño, a thriving motivational speaker, hides a shy and insecure side behind his confident persona, finding solace and power in his ventriloquist doll, Karmin. But when their bond is tested, Karmin’s influence unveils a darker side of Toño, jeopardizing his relationships and unleashing hidden secrets.

That Summer in the Dark (Michelle Garza Cervera)

In a monotonous summer in Tlatelolco, two teenage friends, obsessed with American serial killers, have their perception of violence shattered when a neighbor’s brutal crime unveils the unsettling possibility that killers are closer than they ever imagined.

Head over to Variety to learn more.

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