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Ancient Martian Race Revealed From Declassified Government Document

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The discovery and implications of an ancient Martian race were allegedly revealed. From what is understood, a top secret classified document was leaked from someone working within the United States government.

This declassified government document reveals the discovery of an ancient Martian race. The document, which was previously classified, provides evidence of an advanced civilization on Mars, including both structures and artifacts that suggest the presence of intelligent life. 

The discovery of this ancient Martian race – has significant implications for our understanding of the universe and the search for extraterrestrial life. Maybe this helps explain how we obtained so much technology so incredibly fast. Likely there are more incredible devices and discoveries tucked away in a lab somewhere.

The evidence of an advanced civilization on Mars, challenges our current understanding of the universe and raises important questions about the existence of other life forms. The discovery of these structures and artifacts suggests that there may have been an advanced civilization on Mars at some point in the past. 

This discovery also highlights the importance of continued exploration and research into the possibility of life on other planets, including Mars. The recent launch of the Mars rover Perseverance is just one example of the ongoing efforts to better understand our solar system and the potential for extraterrestrial life.

The discovery of an ancient Martian race has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of the universe and our place within it. It challenges us to question our assumptions about the existence of intelligent life and the possibility of interstellar communication for example. 

While the implications of this discovery are still being explored, it is clear that it represents a major milestone in the ongoing search for extraterrestrial life. As we continue to explore the universe and uncover new insights into its mysteries, the discovery of an ancient Martian race serves as a reminder of the vastness and complexity of the cosmos.

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Some of these theories date far back to the 1970’s – as taxpayer money was used for unheard of projects such as Stargate. This operation cost more than $20 million during its time and operated from 1972 until 1995. A number of individuals working in the government wanted to investigate out-of-body experiences, telekinetic abilities and the legitimacy of other paranormal phenomena. 

Joseph McMoneagle, a man who engaged in remote viewing during the Cold War, was highly successful with his work. One such mission involved locating the exact size and position of a Russian nuclear submarine. After being highly respected by his colleagues, he received an unusual mission in 1984 – to hand over information to inventor Robert Monroe. On the index card inside the envelope was only one line of text.

A Freedom of Information Act request forced the hand of the CIA to finally release the full transcript unedited. The title of the document was simply known as Mars Exploration. Some believe that this was part of a program at the time to throw the Russians off as a propaganda machine piece. Other theories include those who participated, were then able to activate a part of their mind which remained dormant previously. 

McMoneagle was unaware of what lay beyond the confines of time and space. After entering a trance-like state, Monroe gave him a specific set of coordinates. Almost instantly McMoneagle was thrust into an unfamiliar environment. A 360-degree view of distant dust storms, massive pyramids, megaliths, intersecting roads and aqueducts suddenly appeared in his vision.

After all of this, Monroe told him to visit other regions. It was during this time when out of nowhere an extraordinary group of tall and slender looking humanoids would suddenly emerge. They used their telepathic type communication abilities to explain and understand their surroundings and interaction with humans. 

According to this exchange, McMoneagle said the ancient race was in dire need of assistance. Their planet was suffering from cataclysmic events which would soon make their home uninhabitable. From their world they sent forth a group of volunteers to go out and seek a better place for them to survive. Of course those of them that remained behind were desperately awaiting their return and of any news learned.

Since McMoneagle spoke of this he has remained consistent about it for more than 40 years now and admits to telling the absolute truth. Maybe one day more information will be released but for now we’ll all have to wait with anticipation. 

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