‘Bambi’ Horror Film In Production with Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh Horror Movies Also In The Works

A lot of our childhood stories are getting a horrifying shake up. The director of Winner the Pooh: Blood and Honey is working on a similarly horror-centric take on the classic Bambi with Bambi: The Reckoning. ‘Inspired by the animated movie Bambi, it will transform the innocent deer we know into a killing machine’, reads the synopsis.

To top that off a German distributor Dolphin Medien will partner with U.K. horror production house Red Shadow Studios to produce a Winnie the Pooh: Death House, which is described as “The Strangers meets The Purge”. The movie will be written by Red Shadow’s Adam Stephen Kelly, and will be directed by S.J. Evans. Variety states that Winnie the Pooh: Death House will follow an “unexpected school reunion in a remote country mansion – an event orchestrated by members of a cult who were mercilessly tormented by the guests as children. Now, years later, they’re out for gruesome revenge.” filming has already begun.

Next up for Red Shadows is the Peter Pan-based horror titled Peter Pan Goes to Hell, and is said to be a slasher movie in the vein of Psycho. The script is also being written by Adam Stephen Kelly, and will be directed by Phil Claydon. In a statement about the project Claydon said; “I grew up on a healthy diet of low-budget horror from the masters like Sam Raimi, Wes Craven and Peter Jackson, In recent streamer times, opportunities to create high concept horror on a small budget had vanished so I relished the opportunity to dive on board with Red Shadow Studios in carving out an environment for filmmakers to come and craft some grass roots scares. Let the mayhem commence.”

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