Teaser: Netflix’s Money Heist Spin-off ‘Berlin’

Netflix has released a new teaser trailer for ‘Berlin’, its forthcoming Money Heist spin-off. The prequel will be available for streaming on December 29.

“The spin-off focuses on an earlier period in Berlin’s life, which is touched upon in flashbacks in the later seasons of Money Heist,” reads the synopsis (via Tudum). “Berlin says there are only two things that can turn a bad day into a great one: love and a million-dollar payday. This is what keeps him razor focused on his lofty goals. So he’s preparing one of his most extreme heists yet — disappearing $44 million worth of jewels. But first, he’ll need to enlist the help of some savvy criminals: Keila, a cybersecurity mastermind; Damián, an academic and Berlin’s close friend; Cameron, a loose cannon who lives life on the edge; Roi, a locksmith and Berlin’s faithful sidekick; and Bruce, who’s fluent in gadgets and weaponry.”

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