Vin Diesel Went Deep Down Memory Lane On The 10-year Anniversary Of Paul Walker’s Death, And I Can’t Stop Thinking About The Lesson That’s Stuck With Him

As the Fast & Furious franchise speeds ahead, gearing up for an upcoming Fast 11 movie, the absence of Paul Walker, the beloved original lead, still tugs at the hearts of countless fans. Walker’s untimely passing in a 2013 car crash not only left a lasting mark on the action movie franchise but also carved a void in the hearts of those who held him dear. In the aftermath of this tragedy, grief reverberated through both his family and fans. As we cross the ten-year mark since his passing, Vin Diesel has taken to social media to share more than just memories. In a recent post, the XxX actor pays homage to his friend and imparts a poignant lesson he learned from his longtime co-star.

Family lies at the heart of Universal’s blockbuster film franchise, where Dominic Toretto places a premium on the bond with his loved ones. This family-oriented spirit isn’t confined to on-screen but extends organically to the cast. In a reflective Instagram post, Vin opened up about his friend’s life and a valuable lesson he picked up from him—putting down the phone and embracing the simplicity of existence, a practice the late Running Scared star was well-known for. Diesel fondly recalled:

Oh, I have finally understood what you use to do with the phone, “phone Fasting”… you had the insight to turn off your phone for long stretches of time. I started this year to do just that. You used to say, Vin and I can go years without talking, and our brotherhood will always be stronger than we left it, the ones who truly love you will always be there.

The Pitch Black actor continued by delving into the shared mourning journey that those who experienced the loss of Walker firsthand have dealt with. He continued:

The family of the Mourning, feels like it has grown since a decade ago… feel’s like that experience of losing someone is far too common today. Leaving more and more of us in search for meaning, trying to make sense of this complex existence…

The post was accompanied by a photograph of the late Timeline star holding Vin Diesel’s daughter, presumably on set. A cherished moment, the Guardians of the Galaxy voice actor continued in the heartfelt post:

This is one of my favorite images ever taken… You knew how proud I was when my daughter, the Alpha Angel, your niece would play the piano… well last night she was playing Moonlight Sonata… it took me back to the night before she was born. Me and you were working late… you were telling me that the best moment in life would be witnessing my child being born. That priceless smile you had when I told you the next day that I had cut the umbilical cord… The next song she started playing on the piano is by an artist you would have loved, named Billie Eilish, ‘What was I made for’… when she started to play, the other angels all came and joined her at the piano and they started singing… wow…emotions… angels, I know you were listening.

The Bloodshot star’s poignant post, visible below, opens a heartfelt window into the enduring bond between the two actors and the profound impact of Paul’s wisdom on Vin Diesel’s life. Despite the emotional Furious 7 ending sequence, where fans and co-stars bid farewell to the late actor, it is evident that he continues to hold a significant place in the lives of those who loved him, including his co-stars.

There has been speculation following comments made by Vin Diesel, hinting at the possibility of a proper send-off for Walker and his character Brian O’Conner in the forthcoming and possibly final movie. Whether this means Walker’s brothers will stand in for him as they did in Furious 7 remains uncertain. Regardless of the outcome, I’m sure it will be as emotional as the last time we said goodbye. 

A lot hasn’t been revealed about Fast & Furious 11, but expect additional details to surface in the months leading up to its 2025 debut. Meanwhile, now is a great time to revisit the Fast & Furious movies streaming or to consult our 2023 movie schedule for the latest updates on this summer’s major blockbusters.

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