Horror Adventure Game ‘Sons of Saturn’ Now Available on Steam

Right on time, developer The Saturn Studio’s indie horror adventure game Sons of Saturn is now available on Steam. The launch of the narrative-focused adventure title is accompanied with a 15% discount for prospective fans until December 7th.

A return to the point-and-click adventure games of old, Sons of Saturn focuses on atmosphere. The game is set in the abandoned underground city of Minerva, a technological metropolis that’s now in ruins, where the dead still dream, their memories still clinging to life. You’ve returned to the collapsing underground city to find out what happened to your mom, whom you abandoned while fleeing the city.

If you want to find the answers you’re looking for, you’ll have to navigate a labyrinth of sewers and rooftops, piece together your history from whatever clues you can scrape together, and contend with the lingering spirits of those who weren’t lucky enough to die during the city’s collapse.

You must navigate and discover your way through the city of Minerva, a technological metropolis whose buildings all remain, buried in place, untouched since the day of collapse. With the help of your Ferryman guide, you must find what clues you can while surviving the lingering threats that the city still harbors.

Nearly all of the assets used in Sons of Saturn were derived from real-world photos of abandoned locations found all over the world, exuding that liminal space feeling that appeals to those who love that sort of unease.

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