‘Dread Delusion’ Enjoys Its Biggest Update Yet in “The Clockwork Kingdom” [Trailer]

DreadXP’s Dread Delusion has received another Early Access update, this time its biggest since that Early Access launch back in 2022 with The Clockwork Kingdom. Available now, the update introduces a brand-new region to the game with an island filled with mechanical monstrosities, new quests and more.

Cold and desolate, The Clockwork Kingdom is ruled by the Clockwork King, who has spread his perverse machinery and violent automation across the land. The Clockwork King resides in the sprawling city of Ferropolis which is described as “the most detailed, content-rich city yet” in Dread Delusion. Packed with NPCs, items and secrets, players can trade their wares on the black market, or “indulge in Bottled Visions from the upper city”.

Of course, in order to get to Ferropolis, you’ll need to get to The Clockwork Kingdom. In order to do that, you’ll need to find a way to open the gatebridge on the eastern edge of Hallowshire. A new quest will see you befriending an enterprising young sky trader named Mikhail in order resolve that problem.

Once on the island, the new main quest for The Clockwork Kingdom is “The Search for Caxton Frost”. A notorious sky pirate, Caxton Frost has vanished in the mountains. At the same time, you meet a man named Horace, who seems to have lost his memories. Your journey to recover Horace’s memories will take you into the depths of the Corrupted Lands and through this man’s dreams. Speaking of which, the Corrupted Lands have been touched by The King’s magic, twisting reality itself and turning this place into a surreal nightmare festering with abominations of the flesh.

Along with the new goodies, The Clockwork Kingdom update introduces several new bugfixes, as well as new tweaks/enhancements to the game, including specific buildings in each town that can’t be accessed for the moment…

Dread Delusion is currently in Early Access on Steam.

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