Elle King Postpones Shows Following Seemingly Inebriated Performance

“Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home)” singer pushes five concerts (including one tomorrow night) after an admittedly “hammered” appearance at Grand Ole Opry last weekend

Elle King has postponed a handful of upcoming concerts following a string of gigs that had fans concerned and a Nashville institution apologizing.

At Dolly Parton’s 78th birthday show Friday at the Grand Ole Opry, an admittedly “fucking hammered” King delivered a messy, profane performance that ultimately had the venue saying sorry to concertgoers on social media. 

Even before that, King was also accused by fans of being drunk onstage while performing at the New Year’s Eve Live: Nashville’s Big Bash broadcast, during which she played her single “Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home).”


King, who hasn’t commented publicly about the performances, was scheduled to play a concert in Fort Worth, Texas, on Friday night, but that show — and four more scheduled for late February — have been postponed for unspecified reasons, according to King’s Instagram Stories. The Fort Worth show is now set for Sept. 21, while the other four postponed gigs will take place in late March. A spokesperson for Billy Bob’s Fort Worth told Rolling Stone that King’s show was going to be her first time playing the Texas honky-tonk and that 2,000 tickets had been pre-sold.

With her February itinerary wiped clean, as of now King is scheduled to return to the road on March 1 for Tempe, Arizona’s baseball-themed Extra Innings Fest, followed the next day by a stopover in San Diego for Chris Stapleton’s All-American Road Show.

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