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Discover the World of Astrology With Basic Terms

Understanding the Language of the Stars

Similar to any other subject, astrology has its own set of terms. With so many words to learn, it can be overwhelming for beginners. This guide provides an overview of the popular words in astrology. Whether you are analyzing a natal chart or trying astrology psychic reading, this guide will help you establish a strong understanding of the subject.

A Glossary of Astrology Terms

  • The Sun Sign is widely known and frequently talked about. It represents the zodiac sign that the sun was in when you were born. It characterizes your emotions and represents your true essence. However, it is just the beginning of comprehending your astrological chart, as the other positions also impact and refine your personality.
  • The moon sign refers to the position of the moon during your birth, indicating your emotions, hidden desires, and subconscious. It relates to things that happen beneath the surface and may not be obvious, even to the individual. Additionally, it shows what makes someone feel loved and their behavior in private settings.
  • Rising Sign, also known as the ascendant sign, refers to the zodiac sign that was on the eastern horizon during your birth. It determines the beginning of your birth chart, which is divided into 12 sections. The rising sign offers insight into the initial impression people have of you when they first meet you.

The concept of modality categorizes the zodiac signs into three groups, providing an understanding of their behavior and functioning. These groups are known as cardinal, fixed, and mutable, with each group including four signs.

The Cardinal Sign, also known as Cardinal, refers to one of the modalities in astrology. These signs are known for their ability to start things and bring about changes. They are characterized by being proactive, resilient, and assertive. Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are the four signs that fall under the category of cardinal signs.

One of the categories in astrology is the fixed sign, which refers to people who prefer stability and are resistant to change. These persons find comfort in a structured routine and value loyalty and consistency. The zodiac signs associated with this modality are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Transit refers to when a celestial object passes directly between an observer and a larger celestial body. From a specific viewpoint, the object in transit seems to cross over the surface of the larger body, blocking a small part of it.

Retrograde refers to the phenomenon where a planet appears to be moving in a backward motion, specifically when observed from Earth. This occurrence is generally viewed negatively as it is believed to disrupt normalcy. However, not all retrogrades should be dreaded, as they can often bring about necessary changes, help personal growth, and stay on the right track.

Aspects are the correlations between planets, measured about the zodiac wheel. These connections can be determined by calculating the angular distances between the degrees of two planets. To recognize the signs of fate and not miss an important moment, you should use the services of live psychics

A square occurs when two celestial bodies form a 90-degree angle. This specific alignment is notorious for causing tension among the planets involved, as they oppose and clash with each other.

Trine is a word that typically indicates “threefold” or “triple.” In astrology, however, it signifies a positive connection between two celestial bodies, forming a 120-degree angle. In this configuration, the planets involved are also in the same element. This alignment is generally seen as a harmonious combination that allows energy to flow smoothly.

An opposition occurs when two planets are positioned directly opposite each other, forming a 180-degree angle. This alignment suggests a struggle between the energies of these celestial bodies, potentially leading to conflict unless equilibrium is established.

Why is Astrology Terminology so important? 

If you are unaware of the position of the stars during your birth, you can use a complimentary natal chart tool to discover your various astrological positions. Once you become acquainted with your birth chart, consulting with a knowledgeable Astrology Psychic can provide insight into how these phenomena (and others) can impact your life.

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