Inside Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ Life Together: ‘They’re Soulmates and Just Click’

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds give little glimpses of their life together here and there on Instagram, often trolling the other in the process. But two sources gave Us Weekly a much more in-depth update on the couple’s marriage over 10 years in.

“Blake and Ryan have a very lighthearted vibe,” one source began. “They’re soulmates and just click.”

The couple has four children together. Lively and Reynolds shared the names of their first three daughters: James, Inez, and Betty. They have not shared the name or sex of their fourth child, whom they welcomed last year.

The first source said that the couple, who both have film projects coming out and are also involved parents, have excellent communication skills. “They have their differences like any other couple, but things get resolved through open dialogue,” they said. “There’s never sustained drama because they’re very quick to compromise.”

A second source stressed the work that got them to this point: “Blake and Ryan have had rough patches, but they are really past that time in their lives.” They added that Lively and Reynolds “have a great system in place. They try to keep everything 50-50.”

That source also discussed their choice to raise their four children in Pound Ridge, New York. “They love their life there,” that insider said. “They don’t have a ton of help in terms of nannies. They’re both very dedicated parents.”

Lively and Reynolds, above all, are invested in their family, the first source said. “Blake and Ryan were both totally in agreement from the get-go that they’d put their kids before anything else; that’s why they didn’t want to rely on nannies,” they explained. “It’s worked out beautifully, and they’re proud of how they’ve prioritized family.”

They also regularly host dinner parties for close friends. Both love cooking, the second source said.

“Blake and Ryan have a tight-knit group of friends, including Taylor [Swift], that they love to hang out with,” that insider added. “They’ll blast music and have dance parties. Their kids will join in too.”

They enjoy nights out too, the first source said: “Blake and Ryan have always been hyperfocused on privacy, but that doesn’t mean they only socialize at home. They also love grabbing dinner in NYC.”

“They also enjoy romantic weekends away upstate,” that source added. “Friends will help and look after the kids so they can get that precious quality time in.”

Reynolds loves to spoil his partner, that first source said: “His career can be super demanding, but he always puts Blake and the kids first. He’s kind and considerate and will surprise Blake with gifts when she’s least expecting them, and she, in turn, is everything he could’ve dreamed of
 in a partner and mother to his kids.”

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