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The REAL Dudley Town Haunting

Dark Woods
My experiences in the most haunted Ghost Town in America: The REAL Dudley Town.

My name is Nick Grossmann. I have made it my life’s work to study the paranormal and find
out what makes it tick or dissect it. My team is Ghost Storm investigations. We are a very well
known group in the New England Area. I was always a psychic and into the unknown. I couldn’t
help but to be into it because I was just that. I got into paranormal research in 2004. What I
realized is Connecticut is loaded with paranormal places to go visit. My old partner Peter Cerow
and myself started going on weekend getaways to these enigmas. Let’s just call them just that.
We investigated Mansfield Training School, Fairfield Hills, Union Cemetery and also ventured
into Masschuestes. But there was one place that was off limits on every paranormal enthusiast
bucket list and that place is Dudleytown in Cornwall Connecticut. It is nestled in the woods of
The Mohawk Mountain named after the indigenous tribe itself.
Dudleytown was a village made by Edmond Dudley who got banished from England. It’s
rumored that the King of England at the time put a curse on the family. They built a little
peasant-like village in the Mohawk mountain in the 1740s and all havoc rained on the family.
Mysterious deaths occurred.

Photo taken a long time ago of Dudleytown at night. Notice the anomalies hovering and curious about us. (You are no longer allowed up here at nighttime.)

One day Peter found a loophole and a legal way into a portion of Dudley town. I was
super excited on our way back from Storrs Connecticut at another haunted location we decided
to take a detour and loop over to Cornwall. Cornwall is a quiet town in the North west corner of
CT. There are some eccentric folks that lurk around the area but generally it’s very nice. It also
has a black bear population unlike most other Connecticut towns.
We got to Cornwall and parked at the bottom of the mountain and ventured up what is
called Dark Entry Road. Such an awesome name to begin with for this haunted hell hole or
whatever it was. The road is super steep and about a 40 minute walk up the mountain. It was
daylight hours but the strange thing about the road is it was abnormally dark from the shading of
the trees.

We got to the top and there was a trail leading to the infamous town itself and we
ventured onward. I remember there was a log blocking the trail that you had to hop over. The
strange thing was right after I climbed over the noise came to an end. It was a feeling like the
feeling you would get in a recording studio or any place that had acoustics like a theater. If you
put your two hands over each of your ears without touching it’s a very similar muffled sound. But
before we crossed the log we heard birds and squirrels and everything else. As I walked further
up the trail we came to a bridge. The bridge was in ruins. Still no animals and no noise. It was
peaceful but sinister at the same time. It was also a beautiful sunny day. We took a break and
Peter started talking about the history of the place. As he was talking I remember seeing with
my own eyes a shadow man walk behind him and he didn’t even notice. All of the sudden the
sunny day became literally a waterfall of rain. Instantly literally rain like I have never
experienced. It was like a pool of water being emptied out on us so we ran back. That was my
first experience in Dudleytown.

Photo of myself on the bridge commanding the spirits at Dudleytown. A photo captures the spirit energy.

I was fascinated by the place and went back over and over and different things
happened. Now Dudleytown is a ghost town but there’s really nothing fascinating to see
because it’s in ruins. There’s bridges and old foundations. Peter and myself saw a neon blue
flame flare up out of nowhere in one of the foundations there. Dudleytown had that fairytale
vibe. We got to the point where we spent lots of time up there and would get a campsite. I
remember sundown was coming and it was off limits at night so we hiked down the mountain.
As we are walking I take photos of these two anomalies. I took about Three photos and the two
anomalies were following us. We made it down and went to the car to get gas. At the station I
again take a photo and there they are again. They were following us. We went to our camp
about 5 miles away and they were there also.

Peter and myself were in the car and I heard a bush shaking and all the sudden I heard
Peter say “What the hell do you want, scumbag”. He said this man in a tuxedo walked up to him
with an angry look and vanished. He thought it was the ranger telling us no booze aloud. Sure
we were drinking and having a good olde time ( who doesn’t when they camp). Whoever that
was wasnt of the flesh and bone. This location is something else for sure. It’s important to note
that the legal way in is owned by Mohawk State Forest. You cannot go further because most of
Dudleytown is owned by an organization. This goes into about 35% of the land. We were also
invited to explore the property of two people who owned the off limits part.

The next day we woke up and drank our coffee. There is right below Dark entry road,
a country deli that will make your mouth water. I really love the town. It’s very nice and a bit of a
country. I ate my bacon, egg, and cheese and we headed back up! It’s always something
bizarre happening every time. This time was a bit weird because what looked like moths would
slowly hover in front of my face and literally vanish in thin air. They seemed pretty peaceful.
Dudleytown isn’t as scary as everyone makes it out to be. Honestly for me the experience was
like magic. There is what looked like some sort of cryptid beast. It looked as if it consisted of
ectoplasm and was a blob with multiple heads. One of them had horns and looked like Pan the
deity as I remember. In the distance it passed by. That day was interesting and on the way back

down the trail when we called it quotes for the day I remember seeing a fern plant with its
branch waving up and down consistently. I thought it was strange. There was no wind
whatsoever. I even crouched in front of it to stop any wind and rule it out. It wasn’t just that and
the plant kept waving up and down. This was supernatural and I think it was waving goodbye to

To me Dudleytown isn’t demonic but some sort of interdimensional portal and a big one.
Like I keep saying it has that folklore vibe. There’s no place quite like it I have experienced in
these twenty some years of paranormal investigating. There’s also always these two birds
waiting in the beginning of the trail and they followed us every time to the log and wouldnt go
past. Another time we ventured up and I remember what sounded like thousands of crows
cawing at us but there was none in plane sight.. As a matter of fact I realized these birds were
outside of the perimeter of Dudley town and wouldn’t come on the land. It was straight out of an
Alfred Hitchcock movie aka The Birds. Lots of bizarre things go on up there.

Another day I went up with Ant, who is a childhood friend and teammate. Anthony Depeitro
who is a woodsman and loves this kind of stuff so I wanted to show him. We had a great time up
on the mountain. When we were done for the day we walked off the trail and onto Dark Entry
Road and hiked down. As we were walking down the steep hill we heard a noise to our right and
we saw a giant tree fall on its own. I remember Ant saying “Nick do you realize what just
happened? A 400 hundred year old tree fell to its death and we witnessed that.” It didn’t hit me
until later that twerk that we saw something very magical. When do you ever see that? An
ancient tree fell to its death on its own. You know the saying ” If a tree falls in a forest and no
one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?.” Welp, we experienced it only in Dudleytown!
There was also a time we went there and a strange gust of wind picked up on the trail. All
the sudden we see what looks like a small tornado with shadow spirits racing towards us. It was
too fast to run away and we just held our ground. The spirit gust wished around us and the
person I was with was too scared to go on. The crazy thing is this guy was never scared of
anything but he was concerned about this.

Around last August I hiked up there by myself. At the top of the road right before the trail I
saw this creature. It was a humanoid creature with deer like antlers. It looked at me and
galloped off down the creek. I will admit it was a little freaky but I didn’t feel endangered. The
spirits there know who I am and don’t see me as a threat to the land.

Dudleytown really isn’t as spooky as it’s made out to be but magical really and very
fantasy-like if you ask me but the phenomenon is very real. . It’s interdimensional. It’s a giant
doorway into another world opened by The Mohawk Indian tribe. My whole point of writing this
is to give you an organic detail of what it’s actually like. Dudleytown reminds me of Skywalker
Ranch. If you respect it then it will respect you and welcome you. There’s plenty of vlogs and
rumors about how demonic it is but that hasn’t been my experience at all. Just because a place
is rumored to be demonic doesn’t mean that’s reality. There’s a lot of talk about this from people
who have never even been up there. It’s a very difficult place to explore but I got lucky. I am one
of the few who has actually experienced it firsthand. This is just my adventure there in a nutshell
as there’s plenty more to share but this is the truth and the real Dudleytown.

Photo of author at haunted schoolhouse in CT.
Nicholas R. Grossmann
Modern Wizardry

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