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It’s worth watching: 15 films of 2024 that you’ve been waiting for

In 2024, many long-awaited film releases are scheduled: sequels to cult blockbusters and biopics about famous musicians. But that’s not all. Read about what is worth watching in the Suspilne Culture selection.

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Bob Marley: One Love

  • Directed by Reynaldo Marcus Green
  • When: 14 February

A vivid story celebrating the life and music of the icon Bob Marley, who inspired generations with his messages of love and unity.

Produced in partnership with the Marley family, the film follows his rise to fame, including the 1976 attempted assassination attempt on his home, his long struggle for peace and his prolific musical career, until his untimely death in 1981.

Drive-Away Dolls

  • Directed by Ethan Coen
  • When: 23 February

Ethan Coen makes his independent directorial debut outside of his work with the Coen Brothers with Drive-Away Dolls, a quirky road trip comedy he co-wrote with his partner and longtime collaborator Tricia Cook.

In the film, Margaret Qualley and Geraldine Viswanathan play friends and roommates whose spontaneous trip to Tallahassee is disrupted by a gang of amateur criminals.


  • Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
  • When: 8 March

Virgin vs. Trouble, 22 most anticipated films of 2024

Millie Bobby Brown is not a helpless princess in Damsel, a Netflix fantasy film that subverts the traditional fairy tale princess narrative.

In the film, Brown plays Princess Elodie, a young girl betrothed to a prince who learns that her betrothal was actually an elaborate ruse to sacrifice her as part of an ancient debt that has claimed the lives of many women before her. To escape this fate, Elodie must overcome sheer cliffs, harsh weather and a fire-breathing dragon.

Mickey 17

  • Directed by Bong Joon-ho
  • When: The US release date was originally set for 29 March 2024, but has now been pushed back to January 2025.

A long-awaited adaptation of Edward Ashton’s sci-fi thriller starring Robert Pattinson and directed by Park Joon-ho (Parasites, Memories of Murder). In the story, a “expendable” space traveller is sent on a deadly mission to colonise Niflheim. When Mickey dies, his body is cloned with most of his memories, which starts a cycle close to immortality.

Currently, the only promotional material available is a teaser trailer. It shows Robert Pattinson’s character lying in a cell for all of thirty seconds, and then looking directly at the viewer. The title of the film also appears in a way that is remarkably similar to the iconic opening of Alien: the letters slowly form the word “Mickey 17”.

Back to Black

  • Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson
  • When: 12 April

22 most anticipated films of 2024

Back to Black. Photo: a still from the film Back to Black

In Back to Black, a biopic about singer Amy Winehouse, director Sam Taylor-Johnson takes the viewer back to the peak of the late musician’s fame and the release of her album of the same name. Marisa Abela plays the role of Weinhaus in the film.

The film’s narrative is based on the singer’s own words, giving an intimate look at the complex story of the woman behind her music and the relationships that inspired her legendary album.

After Weinhaus’s tragic death in 2011, filmmakers tried to create a biopic about the singer to no avail. The only film that made it through the development stage was the documentary Amy, which won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature in 2016. “Amy revealed behind-the-scenes footage from Weinhaus’s life, which allowed viewers to gain a deeper understanding of the singer’s psychology. In 2018, Weinhaus’s descendants gave the green light to shoot a biopic about her life and career.

Love Lies Bleeding

  • Directed by Rose Glass
  • When: March 8, 2024

In the story, a reclusive gym manager falls in love with an ambitious bodybuilder who is heading to Vegas in pursuit of her dream. Their passion turns into a dangerous adventure and draws them both into a world of criminal connections.

The film is directed and co-written by Rose Glass, known for her film Saint Maude.

In addition to Kristen Stewart, the film also stars Dave Franco, Ed Harris, Jena Malone and others.

Civil War

  • Directed by Alex Garland
  • When: 25 April

A dystopian thriller directed by Alex Garland (known for his films Annihilation and Ex Machina), depicting a deeply divided America in the near future, devastated by a brutal second civil war.

After the release of the teaser, viewers began to wonder what caused the civil war in the United States. The film’s explanation of the seemingly strange alliance between Texas and California indicates that the war was not caused by the politics of Democrats and Republicans, but by Offerman’s corrupt three-year presidency. The US federal government has apparently abandoned its allegiance to the US Constitution and is now under the dictatorship of Offerman’s tyrannical and growing power.

The film stars Kirsten Dunst, Kaley Spaney and Jesse Plemons. Throughout the story, their characters explore how far people can go to defend their beliefs.

IF (Imaginary friends)

  • Directed by John Krazinski
  • When: 16 May

A young girl’s extraordinary ability to see her forgotten imaginary friends takes her on a journey to save them from being lost forever in this heartwarming film written, directed and starring John Krazinski (A Quiet Place).

An all-star cast led by Ryan Reynolds makes this film a fantastic comedy for the whole family.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

  • Directed by George Miller
  • When: 23 May

In the epic prequel to George Miller’s Mad Max, Anya Taylor-Joy plays the role of young Furiosa, before she became a monstrous emperor. After Furiosa is kidnapped by the warlord Dementus (Chris Hemsworth) and forced to leave the Green Place of many mothers, she is forced to fight for her life and freedom across a barren wasteland in an attempt to return home.

Inside Out 2

  • Directed by Kelsey Mann
  • When: 14 June

Adolescence is a good time for a sequel to the 2015 film about the emotions that control the mind of a young girl named Riley. The world of emotions from the first film – Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger – are turned upside down as Riley enters adolescence and new emotions such as Anxiety enter the scene.

Deadpool 3

  • Directed by Shawn Levy
  • When: 25 July

Ryan Reynolds revives his foul-mouthed superhero in Deadpool 3, the long-awaited third sequel. The film also stars Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, as the two superheroes team up to defeat a common enemy.

We can also expect to see the return of stars from the first two films, including Blind Al’s neighbour, played again by the legendary Leslie Uggams. Karan Soni also returns as the soft-spoken taxi driver Dopinder. Morena Baccarin will also return as Vanessa, Wade Wilson’s fiancée, who was killed at the beginning of the sequel but saved through time travel during the end credits.

A quiet place: Day One

  • Directed by Michael Sarnosky
  • When: 28 June

This spin-off prequel is the third part of the A Quiet Place franchise. Starring Lupita Nyong’o and Joseph Quinn, the film shows the beginning of the invasion of super-hearing aliens.

This time, the author of the first film, John Krazinski, acted only as a producer, while Michael Sarnoski became the director and screenwriter.

Joker: Folie à Deux

  • Directed by Todd Phillips
  • When: 4 October

In the long-awaited sequel to Todd Phillips’ 2019 film The Joker, Joaquin Phoenix returns to his Oscar-winning role as the dastardly villain Arthur Fleck, and Lady Gaga plays the role of Dr Harleen Quinzel, a psychologist at Arkham Asylum whose attempts to cure the Joker lead to her own madness and the adoption of a new identity, Harley Quinn.

Gladiator 2

  • Directed by Ridley Scott
  • When: 22 November

Ridley Scott returns to the Roman Empire in Gladiator 2.

In this epic sequel, Paul Mescal (After the Sun, Normal People) plays the adult Lucius Verus (the nephew of Joaquin Phoenix’s character, who was saved by Russell Crowe’s hero in the original Gladiator), who is searching for answers about his biological father.


  • Directed by Robert Eggers
  • When: 25 December

The Witch director Robert Eggers will direct a new adaptation of the 1922 cult silent film Nosferatu, reimagining the story of a bloodthirsty vampire who spreads the bubonic plague and the tortured young woman he is obsessed with.

Eggers’ remake will star Bill Skarsgård as the infamous vampire and Lily-Rose Depp as the object of his passion.

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