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What’s the Difference Between Social Casinos and Sweepstake Casinos?

In the world of iGaming, social casinos and sweepstake casinos offer unique experiences for players seeking an alternative form of casino entertainment. While social and sweepstake casinos share some similarities, such as giving you access to casino-style games and the use of virtual currency for gameplay, there’s several key differentiators too.

That’s what we’re here for. Below, we’ll explore the distinctions between social casinos and sweepstake casinos, as well as the type of player that each option would suit best.

Sweepstake Casinos

Sweepstake casinos operate under a different framework to social casinos, enabling them to offer games of chance for the prospect of winning real-money prizes. Unlike conventional online casinos, which require users to deposit cash to play, sweepstake casinos let users play using virtual “play money” currency or sweepstake entries.

The entry into sweepstake contests is the key differentiator here between sweepstake and social casinos. You can use these entries or accrued virtual currency to increase your chances of winning – the more entries or currency you have, the better.

Sweepstake casinos also deliver a similar gaming experience to conventional online casinos, with a wide variety of games to choose from. In fact, the best sweepstakes casinos are often supplied by the same iGaming software studios as the ones that provide games to real-money conventional iGaming operators.

Social Casinos

On the other side of the coin, social casinos allow players to enjoy a host of casino games for free, using virtual currency or credits, rather like sweepstake casinos. As you might expect from the name of these sites, they encourage social interaction in similar ways to sweepstake casinos. You can expect live chat boxes, social leaderboards, achievements, and even the chance to compete in multiplayer modes.

This social aspect adds an extra layer to the gaming experience, making them a viable option for anyone looking to connect with others while playing their favourite casino games.

While social casinos offer free gameplay, they also typically offer the chance to buy additional virtual currency or credits via in-app purchases. These are 100% optional and are often used to enhance the gaming experience or access special features. However, it must be reinforced that it doesn’t matter how many virtual currencies or credits you win or purchase, you’ll never be able to redeem these for real-money prizes. They hold zero real-world value.

Suitability for Players

In summary, social casinos are best suited for players who enjoy social interaction and community engagement, as well as those seeking free and casual gaming experiences on any device, since most platforms are now HTML5-powered ensuring full compatibility with any smartphone or tablet.

On the flip side, sweepstake casinos are better suited to those who want the chance to win real cash prizes without having to risk anything upfront. In many ways, sweepstake casinos almost build on the very concept of social casinos, bringing the interactive elements with real-money potential.

In summary, each niche focuses on different gaming experiences. Social casinos are all about the casual, free nature of their casino gameplay, while sweepstake casinos dangle a carrot with a potential pot of gold at the end of the virtual currency rainbow.

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