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HEN’s Oscar Interview with Will Roberts Oppenheimer Winner

It’s not every day you get to interview an actor of a movie that has won an Academy Award. We are excited to bring you and interview with Will Roberts of the Academy Award Winning movie Oppenheimer. Will Robert’ played the role of General George Marshall.

1. Character Preparation:

Q: How did you approach your role as General Marshall? What kind of research and preparation did you undergo to accurately portray this historical figure?

A: I spent three months working with Melissa Davis at the George Marshall Foundation after being cast as General George Marshall. It was crucial for me to ensure authenticity in my portrayal. Being a character actor, representing historical figures like Will Rogers and General George Marshall authentically is imperative to me. My goal was to embody General Marshall so fully that the audience would see him, not an actor’s interpretation. I immersed myself in studying audios, reading books, and anything else I could find to fully grasp his mindset for a pivotal scene in the film. Melissa Davis and the George Marshall Foundation were instrumental in deepening my understanding of General Marshall.

2. Working with Director Christopher Nolan:

Q: Christopher Nolan is known for his meticulous attention to detail. What was it like collaborating with him on set? Did he provide specific guidance or insights into your character?**

A: Collaborating with Christopher Nolan was remarkable because he trusted the actors he chose to bring historical figures to life. Nolan believed in our preparation and understanding of our characters. The only specific direction he gave me was to ensure my lines were directed towards Matt and James Remar, highlighting my role as the military representative. This underscored the weight of my character’s decisions in the narrative.

3. The Trinity Scene:

Q: Can you share your experience filming the Trinity test scene, where the first successful nuclear weapon was detonated? How did you mentally prepare for it?

A: I wasn’t part of the Trinity test scene. Historically, General George Marshall was not present for the test, as he had entrusted Leslie Groves to oversee the Manhattan Project.

4. Balancing Serious Themes and Humor:

Q: Your portrayal of Oppenheimer is described as having both seriousness and impishness. How did you strike that balance? Were there any specific challenges in portraying such a multifaceted character?

A: Portraying General George Marshall required a nuanced approach. Melissa Davis from the George Marshall Foundation clarified that Marshall was not as portrayed in other films; he was selfless and subdued. My challenge was to convey his authenticity and gravity without overt dramatics, focusing on realistic portrayal and active listening.

5. Collaborating with Co-Stars:

Q: You worked alongside talented actors like Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr. What was the dynamic like on set? Any memorable moments or anecdotes from filming?

A: The experience of working with such an esteemed cast was truly fulfilling. The dynamic on set was professional and focused, with moments of camaraderie in between. Cillian Murphy’s approachable and sincere manner was especially memorable, and observing his method acting technique was both affirming and inspiring for me.

6. The Oscars Journey:

Q: With “Oppenheimer” being nominated for multiple Oscars, including Best Picture, how does it feel to be part of a film that has garnered such acclaim? What are your hopes for the upcoming awards ceremony?

A: Being part of a project that achieved such recognition has been a surreal experience. From being cast to seeing the film receive accolades, the journey has been a dream come true. The film’s success at the Academy Awards and the outpouring of praise for my performance have been overwhelming and gratifying.

Closing Note:

Never give up on your dreams. Despite the many challenges and moments of doubt, perseverance and passion are key to achieving your goals. This journey in show business has taught me the importance of resilience and belief in one’s abilities.

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