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Sinha Munesh a Transformative Guru

We are delighted to bring to our readers an interview with a remarkable gentleman. He is Guru Sinha Munesh. He created Param Pranyog. If you ask him what that is he would simply say that it is Pure Yoga. In reality Guru Sinha Munesh and his work with street children and the elderly with his transformative approach goes far past the anything that is experienced in this world. After reading about his Param Pranyog we also conclude it is pure healing.

  1. From major success in the corporate world to a remarkable guru. How did that
    transformation happen?
    Ans: The shift from corporate success to becoming a revered guru like Guru Munesh was a
    journey of finding deeper meaning and purpose in life. In the corporate world, I chased
    success and wealth, but deep down, I felt something was missing. I always had a strong
    interest in spirituality and meditation since I was young. As I explored these interests, I
    realized that true happiness doesn’t come from money or status, but from inner peace and
    Through meditation and self-reflection, I had moments of clarity that changed my perspective
    on life. I saw that helping others and living with compassion was more fulfilling than any job
    title or paycheck.
    So, I made a bold decision to leave my corporate career behind and dedicate myself to
    helping others find peace and meaning in their lives and get along with raising the Global
    Consciousness. Becoming a spiritual teacher allowed me to share what I had learned and
    guide others on their own journeys of self-discovery.
    In essence, my transformation was about realizing that true success is measured by the
    impact we have on others and the depth of our inner fulfilment, not by our material
    possessions or professional achievements.
  2. Over 20 years ago you brought the world your transformative practice of Param
    Pranyog technique. In brief take us through the steps on how you created Param
    Ans: Absolutely, creating Param Pranyog was a journey marked by introspection,
    experimentation, and a deep desire to share the transformative power of meditation with the
    It all began over two decades ago, when I made the courageous decision to leave behind my
    corporate career and delve into the realms of spirituality and meditation. With a firm belief in
    the potential of these practices to bring about profound change, I set out to develop a unique
    technique that could guide others towards inner peace and self-realization.
    The initial steps were humble yet pivotal. Every morning, my family and I would gather in our
    home, surrounded by the serene vibrations of OM, to engage in deep meditation. As our
    practice deepened, word began to spread throughout the community, drawing others to join
    us in our daily sessions.
    As our circle grew, I was inspired to formalize our approach into a structured technique that
    could be easily shared and practiced by people from all walks of life. Drawing upon my own
    experiences and insights gained through years of meditation, I carefully crafted the Param
    Pranyog technique—a method designed to unlock the inner potential of individuals and lead
    them towards greater spiritual fulfillment.
    Key elements of Param Pranyog include mindfulness, breathwork, and visualization, all
    aimed at quieting the mind, expanding consciousness, and fostering a deeper connection to
    the self and the universe. Through workshops, retreats, and one-on-one guidance, I began
    to introduce this technique to a wider audience, witnessing firsthand the profound impact it
    had on people’s lives.

Over time, Param Pranyog evolved into more than just a technique; it became a
community—a global movement dedicated to the pursuit of inner peace and holistic well-
being. Today, with ambassadors spanning continents and countless lives touched by its
teachings, Param Pranyog stands as a testament to the transformative power of meditation
and the boundless potential of the human spirit.

  1. Is Param Pranyog associated with a religion, lifestyle, or Philosophy?
    Ans: Param Pranyog is not associated with any specific religion, lifestyle, or philosophy. It
    transcends such categorizations and stands as a universal practice accessible to all who
    seek inner peace and spiritual growth. The essence of Param Pranyog lies in its simplicity
    and inclusivity—it is a pathway to self-realization and holistic well-being that resonates with
    individuals from diverse backgrounds and belief systems.
    At its core, Param Pranyog embodies the principles of love, life, and humanity. It is a practice
    rooted in compassion, mindfulness, and the recognition of our interconnectedness with all
    beings and the universe. Rather than prescribing rigid doctrines, Param Pranyog
    encourages individuals to explore their own inner landscape, to connect with their higher
    selves, and to cultivate a deeper understanding of the world around them.
    In essence, Param Pranyog serves as a guiding light for those on the journey of self-
    discovery, offering practical tools and techniques to navigate life’s challenges with grace and
    clarity. Whether one follows a particular religious tradition, leads a specific lifestyle, or
    adheres to a particular philosophy, Param Pranyog welcomes all seekers with open arms,
    inviting them to experience the transformative power of meditation and mindfulness
  2. How long does your technique of mediation take to do. Hours, minutes?
    Our approach to meditation extends beyond mere practice; we promote living meditation.
    Initially, understanding the essence of meditation may take a while each day to practice our
    techniques. However, our goal is for individuals to embody meditation in every aspect of their
    lives. Once someone comprehends the depth of living meditation, they naturally integrate its
    principles into their daily routines. Living meditation isn’t about setting aside specific times for
    meditation sessions; it’s about embracing a mindful and present approach to every moment,
    whether it’s during work, interactions with others, or quiet moments of solitude. When one
    truly lives in the state of meditation, the need for formal meditation sessions diminishes as
    mindfulness becomes a continuous state of being with10 minutes disciplined practice every
  3. Let me digress. Tell us about the ancient origins that Param Pranyog
    based on?
    Ans: Param Pranyog finds its roots deeply embedded in the rich tapestry of ancient
    Sanatana culture and spirituality, drawing inspiration from the timeless wisdom found within
    the Vedas and other sacred texts. At its core, Param Pranyog is grounded in the profound
    understanding of consciousness and the interconnectedness of all beings—a concept
    deeply woven into the fabric of Sanatana philosophy.
    The ancient Vedas, revered as the oldest scriptures of Hinduism, serve as a cornerstone of
    Param Pranyog’s teachings. These sacred texts contain a wealth of knowledge about the
    nature of existence, the human psyche, and the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.

Param Pranyog draws upon these ancient insights and practices, adapting them to suit the
needs and challenges of contemporary life. From the practice of meditation to the cultivation
of mindfulness and compassion, Param Pranyog offers a holistic approach to spiritual growth
that is firmly rooted in the timeless teachings of the Hindu tradition.
In essence, Param Pranyog serves as a bridge between the ancient wisdom of the Vedas
and the modern world, offering seekers a pathway to inner peace, self-realization, and
spiritual fulfillment. Through the integration of ancient practices and contemporary insights,
Param Pranyog invites individuals to explore the depths of their own consciousness and
unlock the limitless potential that lies within.

  1. Unlike other meditation techniques that engage the mind, Param Pranyog allows
    the mind to rest naturally and effortlessly. Tell us how it happens and why?
    Ans: Param Pranyog distinguishes itself from other meditation techniques by offering a
    unique approach that allows the mind to rest naturally and effortlessly. This characteristic is
    deeply rooted in the fundamental principles of the practice, which are designed to facilitate a
    state of deep relaxation and inner stillness.
    At the heart of Param Pranyog lies the principle of surrender—a letting go of mental effort
    and striving, and instead, surrendering to the natural flow of awareness. Unlike some
    meditation practices that involve concentration or active engagement of the mind, Param
    Pranyog encourages practitioners to simply observe their thoughts and sensations without
    attachment or judgment.
    By cultivating this attitude of non-resistance, the mind naturally begins to settle into a state of
    calmness and clarity. Rather than trying to control or suppress thoughts, practitioners allow
    them to arise and pass away on their own accord, like clouds drifting across the sky.
    This approach is supported by various techniques within Param Pranyog, such as gentle
    breath awareness, visualization, and mantra repetition. These practices serve as anchors for
    the mind, guiding it gently back to the present moment whenever it wanders.
    Additionally, Param Pranyog emphasizes the importance of relaxation and letting go of
    tension in the body. By releasing physical tension through mindful awareness and gentle
    movements, practitioners create a conducive environment for the mind to relax and unwind
    Overall, the effortless nature of Param Pranyog meditation stems from its focus on
    surrender, gentle awareness, and relaxation. By letting go of mental effort and allowing the
    mind to rest naturally, practitioners can experience deep states of inner peace, clarity, and
    profound insight.
  2. Your organization Param is a well thought out initiative with helping
    hands for children and the aged. Tell us how your organizations got its start?
    Ans: Param emerged as a natural extension of our commitment to serving
    humanity and fostering holistic well-being. The seeds of this organization were sown years
    ago when my family and I started on our journey of self-discovery and service.

Initially, our focus was on deepening our own spiritual practice and sharing the
transformative power of meditation with others. As our meditation sessions gained popularity
within our community, we began to witness firsthand the profound impact it had on people’s
lives, not just mentally and emotionally, but also physically. We called it Meditation In Action.

Inspired by this positive feedback and fuelled by our desire to make a tangible difference in
the world, we expanded our vision to encompass broader social initiatives. Recognizing the
pressing needs of marginalized communities, particularly children and the elderly, we sought
to leverage our resources and expertise to bring about meaningful change.
Thus, Param was born—a platform dedicated to the holistic well-being of
individuals across all stages of life. Our organization’s mission is twofold: to provide practical
support and resources for children in need, and to offer compassionate care and
companionship for the elderly.
The journey of Param began with humble beginnings, relying on the support of
volunteers and donors who shared our vision of a more compassionate and equitable world.
Through collaborative efforts and unwavering dedication, we have been able to establish a
network of support services, including educational programs for children, community
outreach initiatives, and elder care facilities.
At the heart of Param is a deep sense of compassion and a commitment to
service—a commitment that drives us to continue expanding our reach and impact, one life
at a time. As we look to the future, our organization remains steadfast in its dedication to
fostering love, life, and humanity in all its endeavours.

  1. Do you have a mentor?
    Ans: Yes, I’ve been inspired by several mentors, including Swami Vivekananda,
    Shankaracharya, Rishi Ramana, J. Krishnamurti, Dr. Deepak Chopra, and my parents.
    They’ve all played a significant role in shaping my spiritual journey.
  2. What does your organization do for the street children and elderly?
    Ans: Param is deeply committed to the well-being and upliftment of both street
    children and the elderly. Our organization recognizes the unique challenges faced by these
    vulnerable populations and provides them with practical support, Joy of giving, compassion,
    and companionship.
    For street children, Param offers a range of programs and initiatives aimed at
    addressing their immediate needs while also empowering them with the tools and resources
    needed to build a brighter future. These programs may include:
  3. Education and Skill Development: We provide access to quality education and vocational
    training programs, equipping street children with the knowledge and skills necessary to
    break the cycle of poverty and create sustainable livelihoods for themselves.
  4. Psychological Support and Counselling: Many street children have experienced trauma
    and hardship and may require specialized support to address their emotional and
    psychological well-being. Param offers counselling services and mental health
    support to help these children heal and thrive.
  5. Reintegration and Family Reunification: Whenever possible, we work to reunite street
    children with their families and communities, recognizing the importance of familial bonds
    and social connections in a child’s development.
  6. Companionship and Social Activities: Loneliness and isolation are common challenges
    faced by many elderly individuals. Param organizes social activities, group
    outings, and companionship programs to foster a sense of community and belonging among
    the elderly.
  7. Healthcare and Wellness Services: Our organization offers access to healthcare services,
    wellness programs, and preventive care initiatives to help elderly individuals maintain their
    physical and mental well-being as they age.
  8. Financial Assistance and Advocacy: Param advocates for the rights and
    interests of the elderly, providing financial assistance, legal support, and advocacy services
    to ensure that their needs are met, and their voices are heard.
    In summary, Param is dedicated to creating a compassionate and inclusive
    society where street children and the elderly are valued, supported, and empowered to lead
    fulfilling lives. Through our holistic approach to care and support, we strive to make a
    meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.
  9. Do you have any parting words you would like to share with our readers?
    Ans: As we wrap up, I want to thank each of you for learning about Param Pranyog and our
    mission. My parting message is simple:
    Life is a journey with ups and downs. Let’s remember to be kind to ourselves and others.
    Take moments to pause and appreciate the beauty around us.
    In the busyness of life, let’s find time for quiet reflection. It’s amazing what we can discover
    when we listen to our hearts.
    Let’s also lend a hand to those in need and spread kindness wherever we go.
    Remember, we all have the power to make a positive difference. So, let’s keep moving
    forward with love and light.
  10. Q: How can individuals connect with Param Pranyog to learn more about your
    mission of raising global consciousness and get involved in supporting your

Ans: Additionally, we’re active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram,
Whatsapp(+91 9811055054) where you can stay updated on our latest events and
As for supporting the school that Param Pranyog operates, which is currently rented and
managed by us, there are various ways you can help. You can donate to support the
school’s operational expenses, such as rent, utilities, and educational resources.
Additionally, you can volunteer as a mentor or tutor for the students or organize fundraising
events to raise awareness and funds for the school’s needs. Every contribution, big or small,
makes a difference in empowering the next generation and nurturing their potential for a
brighter future.


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